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Lenny Face Generator

Left EyeRight Eye
Left EarRight Ear
Left HandRight Hand
Left Hand Inside Left EarRight Hand Inside Right Ear

If you wanna add some stuff like text, emoji to your text face, use this editor


About Lenny Face Generator

Generate your own text Lenny face using this Lenny face generator and use them to express your emotions, feelings, and thoughts. The use of this tool is quite easy.

How to use this Lenny face generator?

Click on the reset button, to begin with scratch.

Firstly, click on the mouth tab and select the mouth you liked.

Now, click on the eyes tab, you will get two columns i.e left eye and right eye. We could give only one eye option but for flexibility, we come up with two eye options. Now, select the left and right eyes by clicking on the eye options.

The next step is to select the ears. In general, Lenny faces have ( ) these types of ears/face.

The last step is to select hands. Also, for more flexibility we come up with two hands options i.e left and right. The main important part is, if your Lenny's face wants hand inside the ears (like this (ง◥‿◤)ง one hand inside the ear and one hand outside ear) you can go with another two different options in hand sections i.e Left Hand Inside Left Ear and Right Hand Inside Right Ear.

After making your Lenny face if you want to add some stuff into your Lenny face like text, and emoji etc. then, click on the 'Lenny Face Editor' button.

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