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Get a complete list of accent letters such as letter with acute, grave, circumflex, tilde, umlaut, cedilla and more with just one click to copy. Each accented letter hava specific ALT code, with the help of ALT code you can type them on your keyboard.

Complete list of (1000+) Accented Letters

How to type accented letters using ALT code?

To know how to type accented symbols using alt codes visit ► accented letter. Below is a list of accented characters with their name and ALT code.

Letter Description Alt Code
à Lowercase a grave Alt 0224
á Lowercase a acute Alt 0225
â Lowercase a circumflex Alt 0226
ã Lowercase a tilde Alt 0227
ä Lowercase a umlaut Alt 0228
ç Lowercase c cedilla Alt 0231
è Lowercase e grave Alt 0232
é Lowercase e acute Alt 0233
ê Lowercase e circumflex Alt 0234
ë Lowercase e umlaut Alt 0235
ì Lowercase i grave Alt 0236
í Lowercase i acute Alt 0237
î Lowercase i circumflex Alt 0238
ï Lowercase i umlaut Alt 0239
ñ Lowercase n tilde Alt 164
ò Lowercase o grave Alt 0242
ó Lowercase o acute Alt 0243
ô Lowercase o circumflex Alt 0244
õ Lowercase o tilde Alt 0245
ö Lowercase o umlaut Alt 0246
š Lowercase s caron Alt 0154
ù Lowercase u grave Alt 0249
ú Lowercase u acute Alt 0250
û Lowercase u circumflex Alt 0251
ü Lowercase u umlaut Alt 0252
ý Lowercase y acute Alt 0253
ÿ Lowercase y umlaut Alt 0255
ž Lowercase z caron Alt 0158
À Capital  A grave Alt 0192
Á Capital  A acute Alt 0193
 Capital  A circumflex Alt 0194
à Capital  A tilde Alt 0195
Ä Capital  A umlaut Alt 0196
Ç Capital  C cedilla Alt 0199
È Capital  E grave Alt 0200
É Capital  E acute Alt 0201
Ê Capital  E circumflex Alt 0202
Ë Capital  E umlaut Alt 0203
Ì Capital  I grave Alt 0204
Í Capital  I acute Alt 0205
Î Capital  I circumflex Alt 0206
Ï Capital  I umlaut Alt 0207
Ñ Capital  N tilde Alt 165
Ò Capital  O grave Alt 0210
Ó Capital  O acute Alt 0211
Ô Capital  O circumflex Alt 0212
Õ Capital  O tilde Alt 0213
Ö Capital  O umlaut Alt 0214
Š Capital  S caron Alt 0138
Ú Capital  U acute Alt 0218
Û Capital  U circumflex Alt 0219
Ü Capital  U umlaut Alt 0220
Ù Capital  U grave Alt 0217
Ý Capital  Y acute Alt 0221
Ÿ Capital  Y umlaut Alt 0159
Ž Capital  Z caron Alt 0142
Ÿ Y umlaut Alt 0159
Ž Z caron Alt 0142
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