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Copy And Paste Number Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The number symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the number symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Roman Numeral Symbol With HTML Codes And Unicode

Number SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โ… Roman Numeral OneⅠⅠU+2160
โ…กRoman Numeral TwoⅡⅡU+2161
โ…ขRoman Numeral ThreeⅢⅢU+2162
โ…ฃRoman Numeral FourⅣⅣU+2163
โ…คRoman Numeral FiveⅤⅤU+2164
โ…ฅRoman Numeral SixⅥⅥU+2165
โ…ฆRoman Numeral SevenⅦⅦU+2166
โ…งRoman Numeral EightⅧⅧU+2167
โ…จRoman Numeral NineⅨⅨU+2168
โ…ฉRoman Numeral TenⅩⅩU+2169
โ…ชRoman Numeral ElevenⅪⅪU+216A
โ…ซRoman Numeral TwelveⅫⅫU+216B
โ…ฌRoman Numeral FiftyⅬⅬU+216C
โ…ญRoman Numeral One HundredⅭⅭU+216D
โ…ฎRoman Numeral Five HundredⅮⅮU+216E
โ…ฏRoman Numeral One ThousandⅯⅯU+216F
โ…ฐSmall Roman Numeral OneⅰⅰU+2170
โ…ฑSmall Roman Numeral TwoⅱⅱU+2171
โ…ฒSmall Roman Numeral ThreeⅲⅲU+2172
โ…ณSmall Roman Numeral FourⅳⅳU+2173
โ…ดSmall Roman Numeral FiveⅴⅴU+2174
โ…ตSmall Roman Numeral SixⅵⅵU+2175
โ…ถSmall Roman Numeral SevenⅶⅶU+2176
โ…ทSmall Roman Numeral EightⅷⅷU+2177
โ…ธSmall Roman Numeral NineⅸⅸU+2178
โ…นSmall Roman Numeral TenⅹⅹU+2179
โ…บSmall Roman Numeral ElevenⅺⅺU+217A
โ…ปSmall Roman Numeral TwelveⅻⅻU+217B
โ…ผSmall Roman Numeral FiftyⅼⅼU+217C
โ…ฝSmall Roman Numeral One HundredⅽⅽU+217D
โ…พSmall Roman Numeral Five HundredⅾⅾU+217E
โ…ฟSmall Roman Numeral One ThousandⅿⅿU+217F
โ†€Roman Numeral One Thousand C DↀↀU+2180
โ†Roman Numeral Five ThousandↁↁU+2181
โ†‚Roman Numeral Ten ThousandↂↂU+2182
โ†ƒRoman Numeral Reversed One HundredↃↃU+2183
โ†„Latin Small Letter Reversed CↄↄU+2184
โ†…Roman Numeral Six Late FormↅↅU+2185
โ††Roman Numeral Fifty Early FormↆↆU+2186
โ†‡Roman Numeral Fifty ThousandↇↇU+2187
โ†ˆRoman Numeral One Hundred ThousandↈↈU+2188

Circled Digit Symbol

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โ“ชCircled Digit Zero⓪⓪U+24EA
โ‘ Circled Digit One①①U+2460
โ‘กCircled Digit Two②②U+2461
โ‘ขCircled Digit Three③③U+2462
โ‘ฃCircled Digit Four④④U+2463
โ‘คCircled Digit Five⑤⑤U+2464
โ‘ฅCircled Digit Six⑥⑥U+2465
โ‘ฆCircled Digit Seven⑦⑦U+2466
โ‘งCircled Digit Eight⑧⑧U+2467
โ‘จCircled Digit Nine⑨⑨U+2468
โ‘ฉCircled Number Ten⑩⑩U+2469
โ‘ชCircled Number Eleven⑪⑪U+246A
โ‘ซCircled Number Twelve⑫⑫U+246B
โ‘ฌCircled Number Thirteen⑬⑬U+246C
โ‘ญCircled Number Fourteen⑭⑭U+246D
โ‘ฎCircled Number Fifteen⑮⑮U+246E
โ‘ฏCircled Number Sixteen⑯⑯U+246F
โ‘ฐCircled Number Seventeen⑰⑰U+2470
โ‘ฑCircled Number Eighteen⑱⑱U+2471
โ‘ฒCircled Number Nineteen⑲⑲U+2472
โ‘ณCircled Number Twenty⑳⑳U+2473
ใ‰‘Circled Number Twenty One㉑㉑U+3251
ใ‰’Circled Number Twenty Two㉒㉒U+3252
ใ‰“Circled Number Twenty Three㉓㉓U+3253
ใ‰”Circled Number Twenty Four㉔㉔U+3254
ใ‰•Circled Number Twenty Five㉕㉕U+3255
ใ‰–Circled Number Twenty Six㉖㉖U+3256
ใ‰—Circled Number Twenty Seven㉗㉗U+3257
ใ‰˜Circled Number Twenty Eight㉘㉘U+3258
ใ‰™Circled Number Twenty Nine㉙㉙U+3259
ใ‰šCircled Number Thirty㉚㉚U+325A
ใ‰›Circled Number Thirty One㉛㉛U+325B
ใ‰œCircled Number Thirty Two㉜㉜U+325C
ใ‰Circled Number Thirty Three㉝㉝U+325D
ใ‰žCircled Number Thirty Four㉞㉞U+325E
ใ‰ŸCircled Number Thirty Five㉟㉟U+325F
ใŠฑCircled Number Thirty Six㊱㊱U+32B1
ใŠฒCircled Number Thirty Seven㊲㊲U+32B2
ใŠณCircled Number Thirty Eight㊳㊳U+32B3
ใŠดCircled Number Thirty Nine㊴㊴U+32B4
ใŠตCircled Number Forty㊵㊵U+32B5
ใŠถCircled Number Forty One㊶㊶U+32B6
ใŠทCircled Number Forty Two㊷㊷U+32B7
ใŠธCircled Number Forty Three㊸㊸U+32B8
ใŠนCircled Number Forty Four㊹㊹U+32B9
ใŠบCircled Number Forty Five㊺㊺U+32BA
ใŠปCircled Number Forty Six㊻㊻U+32BB
ใŠผCircled Number Forty Seven㊼㊼U+32BC
ใŠฝCircled Number Forty Eight㊽㊽U+32BD
ใŠพCircled Number Forty Nine㊾㊾U+32BE
ใŠฟCircled Number Fifty㊿㊿U+32BF
โ“ตDouble Circled Digit One⓵⓵U+24F5
โ“ถDouble Circled Digit Two⓶⓶U+24F6
โ“ทDouble Circled Digit Three⓷⓷U+24F7
โ“ธDouble Circled Digit Four⓸⓸U+24F8
โ“นDouble Circled Digit Five⓹⓹U+24F9
โ“บDouble Circled Digit Six⓺⓺U+24FA
โ“ปDouble Circled Digit Seven⓻⓻U+24FB
โ“ผDouble Circled Digit Eight⓼⓼U+24FC
โ“ฝDouble Circled Digit Nine⓽⓽U+24FD
โ“พDouble Circled Number Ten⓾⓾U+24FE

Negative Circled Digit Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โ“ฟNegative Circled Digit Zero⓿⓿U+24FF
โถDingbat Negative Circled Digit One❶❶U+2776
โทDingbat Negative Circled Digit Two❷❷U+2777
โธDingbat Negative Circled Digit Three❸❸U+2778
โนDingbat Negative Circled Digit Four❹❹U+2779
โบDingbat Negative Circled Digit Five❺❺U+277A
โปDingbat Negative Circled Digit Six❻❻U+277B
โผDingbat Negative Circled Digit Seven❼❼U+277C
โฝDingbat Negative Circled Digit Eight❽❽U+277D
โพDingbat Negative Circled Digit Nine❾❾U+277E
โฟDingbat Negative Circled Number Ten❿❿U+277F
โ“ซNegative Circled Number Eleven⓫⓫U+24EB
โ“ฌNegative Circled Number Twelve⓬⓬U+24EC
โ“ญNegative Circled Number Thirteen⓭⓭U+24ED
โ“ฎNegative Circled Number Fourteen⓮⓮U+24EE
โ“ฏNegative Circled Number Fifteen⓯⓯U+24EF
โ“ฐNegative Circled Number Sixteen⓰⓰U+24F0
โ“ฑNegative Circled Number Seventeen⓱⓱U+24F1
โ“ฒNegative Circled Number Eighteen⓲⓲U+24F2
โ“ณNegative Circled Number Nineteen⓳⓳U+24F3
โ“ดNegative Circled Number Twenty⓴⓴U+24F4
ใ‰ˆCircled Number Ten On Black Square㉈㉈U+3248
ใ‰‰Circled Number Twenty On Black Square㉉㉉U+3249
ใ‰ŠCircled Number Thirty On Black Square㉊㉊U+324A
ใ‰‹Circled Number Forty On Black Square㉋㉋U+324B
ใ‰ŒCircled Number Fifty On Black Square㉌㉌U+324C
ใ‰Circled Number Sixty On Black Square㉍㉍U+324D
ใ‰ŽCircled Number Seventy On Black Square㉎㉎U+324E
ใ‰Circled Number Eighty On Black Square㉏㉏U+324F

Parenthesized Digit Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โ‘ดParenthesized Digit One⑴⑴U+2474
โ‘ตParenthesized Digit Two⑵⑵U+2475
โ‘ถParenthesized Digit Three⑶⑶U+2476
โ‘ทParenthesized Digit Four⑷⑷U+2477
โ‘ธParenthesized Digit Five⑸⑸U+2478
โ‘นParenthesized Digit Six⑹⑹U+2479
โ‘บParenthesized Digit Seven⑺⑺U+247A
โ‘ปParenthesized Digit Eight⑻⑻U+247B
โ‘ผParenthesized Digit Nine⑼⑼U+247C
โ‘ฝParenthesized Number Ten⑽⑽U+247D
โ‘พParenthesized Number Eleven⑾⑾U+247E
โ‘ฟParenthesized Number Twelve⑿⑿U+247F
โ’€Parenthesized Number Thirteen⒀⒀U+2480
โ’Parenthesized Number Fourteen⒁⒁U+2481
โ’‚Parenthesized Number Fifteen⒂⒂U+2482
โ’ƒParenthesized Number Sixteen⒃⒃U+2483
โ’„Parenthesized Number Seventeen⒄⒄U+2484
โ’…Parenthesized Number Eighteen⒅⒅U+2485
โ’†Parenthesized Number Nineteen⒆⒆U+2486
โ’‡Parenthesized Number Twenty⒇⒇U+2487

Mathematical Bold Digit Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐ŸŽMathematical Bold Digit Zero 𝟎𝟎U+1D7CE
๐ŸMathematical Bold Digit One𝟏𝟏U+1D7CF
๐ŸMathematical Bold Digit Two𝟐𝟐U+1D7D0
๐Ÿ‘Mathematical Bold Digit Three𝟑𝟑U+1D7D1
๐Ÿ’Mathematical Bold Digit Four𝟒𝟒U+1D7D2
๐Ÿ“Mathematical Bold Digit Five𝟓𝟓U+1D7D3
๐Ÿ”Mathematical Bold Digit Six𝟔𝟔U+1D7D4
๐Ÿ•Mathematical Bold Digit Seven𝟕𝟕U+1D7D5
๐Ÿ–Mathematical Bold Digit Eight𝟖𝟖U+1D7D6
๐Ÿ—Mathematical Bold Digit Nine𝟗𝟗U+1D7D7

Mathematical Double-Struck Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐Ÿ˜Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Zero𝟘𝟘U+1D7D8
๐Ÿ™Mathematical Double-Struck Digit One𝟙𝟙U+1D7D9
๐ŸšMathematical Double-Struck Digit Two𝟚𝟚U+1D7DA
๐Ÿ›Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Three𝟛𝟛U+1D7DB
๐ŸœMathematical Double-Struck Digit Four𝟜𝟜U+1D7DC
๐ŸMathematical Double-Struck Digit Five𝟝𝟝U+1D7DD
๐ŸžMathematical Double-Struck Digit Six𝟞𝟞U+1D7DE
๐ŸŸMathematical Double-Struck Digit Seven𝟟𝟟U+1D7DF
๐Ÿ Mathematical Double-Struck Digit Eight𝟠𝟠U+1D7E0
๐ŸกMathematical Double-Struck Digit Nine𝟡𝟡U+1D7E1

Mathematical Sans-Serif Digit Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐ŸขMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Zero𝟢𝟢U+1D7E2
๐ŸฃMathematical Sans-Serif Digit One𝟣𝟣U+1D7E3
๐ŸคMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Two𝟤𝟤U+1D7E4
๐ŸฅMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Three𝟥𝟥U+1D7E5
๐ŸฆMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Four𝟦𝟦U+1D7E6
๐ŸงMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Five𝟧𝟧U+1D7E7
๐ŸจMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Six𝟨𝟨U+1D7E8
๐ŸฉMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Seven𝟩𝟩U+1D7E9
๐ŸชMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Eight𝟪𝟪U+1D7EA
๐ŸซMathematical Sans-Serif Digit Nine𝟫𝟫U+1D7EB

Mathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Number With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐ŸฌMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Zero𝟬𝟬U+1D7EC
๐ŸญMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit One𝟭𝟭U+1D7ED
๐ŸฎMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Two𝟮𝟮U+1D7EE
๐ŸฏMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Three𝟯𝟯U+1D7EF
๐ŸฐMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Four𝟰𝟰U+1D7F0
๐ŸฑMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Five𝟱𝟱U+1D7F1
๐ŸฒMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Six𝟲𝟲U+1D7F2
๐ŸณMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Seven𝟳𝟳U+1D7F3
๐ŸดMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Eight𝟴𝟴U+1D7F4
๐ŸตMathematical Sans-Serif Bold Digit Nine𝟵𝟵U+1D7F5

Mathematical Monospace Digit Number With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐ŸถMathematical Monospace Digit Zero𝟶𝟶U+1D7F6
๐ŸทMathematical Monospace Digit One𝟷𝟷U+1D7F7
๐ŸธMathematical Monospace Digit Two𝟸𝟸U+1D7F8
๐ŸนMathematical Monospace Digit Three𝟹𝟹U+1D7F9
๐ŸบMathematical Monospace Digit Four𝟺𝟺U+1D7FA
๐ŸปMathematical Monospace Digit Five𝟻𝟻U+1D7FB
๐ŸผMathematical Monospace Digit Six𝟼𝟼U+1D7FC
๐ŸฝMathematical Monospace Digit Seven&#120829𝟽U+1D7FD
๐ŸพMathematical Monospace Digit Eight𝟾𝟾U+1D7FE
๐ŸฟMathematical Monospace Digit Nine𝟿𝟿U+1D7FF

Superscript Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โฐSuperscript Zero⁰⁰U+2070
¹Superscript One¹¹U+00B9
²Superscript Two²²U+00B2
³Superscript Three³³U+00B3
โดSuperscript Four⁴⁴U+2074
โตSuperscript Five⁵⁵U+2075
โถSuperscript Six⁶⁶U+2076
โทSuperscript Seven⁷⁷U+2077
โธSuperscript Eight⁸⁸U+2078
โนSuperscript Nine⁹⁹U+2079

Subscript Number Symbol With HTML Codes and Unicode

SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โ‚€Subscript Zero₀₀U+2080
โ‚Subscript One₁₁U+2081
โ‚‚Subscript Two₂₂U+2082
โ‚ƒSubscript Three₃₃U+2083
โ‚„Subscript Four₄₄U+2084
โ‚…Subscript Five₅₅U+2085
โ‚†Subscript Six₆₆U+2086
โ‚‡Subscript Seven₇₇U+2087
โ‚ˆSubscript Eight₈₈U+2088
โ‚‰Subscript Nine₉₉U+2089
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