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Flower Symbols

A flower symbols is a collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any flower symbols to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Flower Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

These are the flower Symbols you can easily copy and paste anywhere you want. The following table includes Symbol, Symbol name, Decimal code, Hex code, and Unicode. You can click on any symbol/code to copy. Following table include multiple flower textsymbols and emojis including White Flower, Shamrock, White Florette, Hibiscus, Tulip, Rose, Sunflower and much more.

Flower SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โEight Petalled Outlined Black Florette&#10049&#x2741U+2741
๐ŸŒธCherry Blossom🌸🌸U+1F338
๐Ÿ’ฎWhite Flower💮💮U+1F4AE
โƒHeavy Teardrop-spoked Pinwheel Asterisk❃❃U+2743
โ˜˜Shamrock ☘☘U+2618
๐ŸŽ•Bouquet Of Flowers🎕🎕U+1F395
๐Ÿฅ€Wilted Flower🥀🥀U+1F940
โœฅFour Club-spoked Asterisk✥✥U+2725
โ€White Florette❀❀U+2740
โ•Flower Punctuation Mark ⁕⁕U+2055
โœปTeardrop-spoked Asterisk✻✻U+273B
๐Ÿ’Bouquet 💐💐U+1F490
โœบSixteen Pointed Asterisk ✺✺U+273A
โœผOpen Centre Teardrop-spoked Asterisk✼✼U+273C
โœคHeavy Four Balloon-spoked Asterisk✤✤U+2724
โœฟBlack Florette✿✿U+273F
โ‰Balloon-spoked Asterisk❉❉U+2749
๐ŸŒนRose 🌹🌹U+1F339
๐ŸŒผBlossom 🌼🌼U+1F33C
๐ŸŒธCherry Blossom🌸🌸U+1F338
โœพSix Petalled Black And White Florette✾✾U+273E
๐Ÿ€Four Leaf Clover🍀🍀U+1F340
โœฝHeavy Teardrop-spoked Asterisk ✽✽U+273D
โˆHeavy Sparkle❈❈U+2748
๐ŸถBlack Rosette🏶🏶U+1F3F6
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