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Copy And Paste Japanese Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The Japanese symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the Japanese symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Japanese Hiragana Symbol With Dec Code,Hex Code, & Unicode

Japanese SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Hiragana Letter Small AぁぁU+3041
Hiragana Letter AああU+3042
Hiragana Letter Small IぃぃU+3043
Hiragana Letter IいいU+3044
Hiragana Letter Small UぅぅU+3045
Hiragana Letter UううU+3046
Hiragana Letter Small EぇぇU+3047
Hiragana Letter EええU+3048
Hiragana Letter Small OぉぉU+3049
Hiragana Letter OおおU+304A
Hiragana Letter KaかかU+304B
Hiragana Letter GaががU+304C
Hiragana Letter KiききU+304D
Hiragana Letter GiぎぎU+304E
Hiragana Letter KuくくU+304F
Hiragana Letter GuぐぐU+3050
Hiragana Letter KeけけU+3051
Hiragana Letter GeげげU+3052
Hiragana Letter KoここU+3053
Hiragana Letter GoごごU+3054
Hiragana Letter SaささU+3055
Hiragana Letter ZaざざU+3056
Hiragana Letter SiししU+3057
Hiragana Letter ZiじじU+3058
Hiragana Letter SuすすU+3059
Hiragana Letter ZuずずU+305A
Hiragana Letter SeせせU+305B
Hiragana Letter ZeぜぜU+305C
Hiragana Letter SoそそU+305D
Hiragana Letter ZoぞぞU+305E
Hiragana Letter TaたたU+305F
Hiragana Letter DaだだU+3060
Hiragana Letter TiちちU+3061
Hiragana Letter DiぢぢU+3062
Hiragana Letter Small TuっっU+3063
Hiragana Letter TuつつU+3064
Hiragana Letter DuづづU+3065
Hiragana Letter TeててU+3066
Hiragana Letter DeででU+3067
Hiragana Letter ToととU+3068
Hiragana Letter DoどどU+3069
Hiragana Letter NaななU+306A
Hiragana Letter NiににU+306B
Hiragana Letter NuぬぬU+306C
Hiragana Letter NeねねU+306D
Hiragana Letter NoののU+306E
Hiragana Letter HaははU+306F
Hiragana Letter BaばばU+3070
Hiragana Letter PaぱぱU+3071
Hiragana Letter HiひひU+3072
Hiragana Letter BiびびU+3073
Hiragana Letter PiぴぴU+3074
Hiragana Letter HuふふU+3075
Hiragana Letter BuぶぶU+3076
Hiragana Letter PuぷぷU+3077
Hiragana Letter HeへへU+3078
Hiragana Letter BeべべU+3079
Hiragana Letter PeぺぺU+307A
Hiragana Letter HoほほU+307B
Hiragana Letter BoぼぼU+307C
Hiragana Letter PoぽぽU+307D
Hiragana Letter MaままU+307E
Hiragana Letter MiみみU+307F
Hiragana Letter MuむむU+3080
Hiragana Letter MeめめU+3081
Hiragana Letter MoももU+3082
Hiragana Letter Small YaゃゃU+3083
Hiragana Letter YaややU+3084
Hiragana Letter Small YuゅゅU+3085
Hiragana Letter YuゆゆU+3086
Hiragana Letter Small YoょょU+3087
Hiragana Letter YoよよU+3088
Hiragana Letter RaららU+3089
Hiragana Letter RiりりU+308A
Hiragana Letter RuるるU+308B
Hiragana Letter ReれれU+308C
Hiragana Letter RoろろU+308D
Hiragana Letter Small WaゎゎU+308E
Hiragana Letter WaわわU+308F
Hiragana Letter WiゐゐU+3090
Hiragana Letter WeゑゑU+3091
Hiragana Letter WoををU+3092
Hiragana Letter NんんU+3093
Hiragana Letter VuゔゔU+3094
Hiragana Letter Small KaゕゕU+3095
Hiragana Letter Small KeゖゖU+3096
Katakana-Hiragana Voiced Sound Mark゛゛U+309B
Katakana-Hiragana Semi-Voiced Sound Mark゜゜U+309C
Hiragana Iteration MarkゝゝU+309D
Hiragana Voiced Iteration MarkゞゞU+309E
Hiragana Digraph YoriゟゟU+309F
Katakana-Hiragana Double Hyphen゠゠U+30A0
Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound MarkーーU+30FC
Halfwidth Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound MarkーーU+FF70
🈀Square Hiragana Hoka🈀🈀U+1F200
𛀁Hiragana Letter Archaic Ye𛀁𛀁U+1B001

Japanese Katakana Symbol With Dec Code,Hex Code, & Unicode

Japanese SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Katakana Letter Small AァァU+30A1
Katakana Letter AアアU+30A2
Katakana Letter Small IィィU+30A3
Katakana Letter IイイU+30A4
Katakana Letter Small UゥゥU+30A5
Katakana Letter UウウU+30A6
Katakana Letter Small EェェU+30A7
Katakana Letter EエエU+30A8
Katakana Letter Small OォォU+30A9
Katakana Letter OオオU+30AA
Katakana Letter KaカカU+30AB
Katakana Letter GaガガU+30AC
Katakana Letter KiキキU+30AD
Katakana Letter GiギギU+30AE
Katakana Letter KuククU+30AF
Katakana Letter GuググU+30B0
Katakana Letter KeケケU+30B1
Katakana Letter GeゲゲU+30B2
Katakana Letter KoココU+30B3
Katakana Letter GoゴゴU+30B4
Katakana Letter SaササU+30B5
Katakana Letter ZaザザU+30B6
Katakana Letter SiシシU+30B7
Katakana Letter ZiジジU+30B8
Katakana Letter SuススU+30B9
Katakana Letter ZuズズU+30BA
Katakana Letter SeセセU+30BB
Katakana Letter ZeゼゼU+30BC
Katakana Letter SoソソU+30BD
Katakana Letter ZoゾゾU+30BE
Katakana Letter TaタタU+30BF
Katakana Letter DaダダU+30C0
Katakana Letter TiチチU+30C1
Katakana Letter DiヂヂU+30C2
Katakana Letter Small TuッッU+30C3
Katakana Letter TuツツU+30C4
Katakana Letter DuヅヅU+30C5
Katakana Letter TeテテU+30C6
Katakana Letter DeデデU+30C7
Katakana Letter ToトトU+30C8
Katakana Letter DoドドU+30C9
Katakana Letter NaナナU+30CA
Katakana Letter NiニニU+30CB
Katakana Letter NuヌヌU+30CC
Katakana Letter NeネネU+30CD
Katakana Letter NoノノU+30CE
Katakana Letter HaハハU+30CF
Katakana Letter BaババU+30D0
Katakana Letter PaパパU+30D1
Katakana Letter HiヒヒU+30D2
Katakana Letter BiビビU+30D3
Katakana Letter PiピピU+30D4
Katakana Letter HuフフU+30D5
Katakana Letter BuブブU+30D6
Katakana Letter PuププU+30D7
Katakana Letter HeヘヘU+30D8
Katakana Letter Be&#12505ベU+30D9
Katakana Letter PeペペU+30DA
Katakana Letter HoホホU+30DB
Katakana Letter BoボボU+30DC
Katakana Letter PoポポU+30DD
Katakana Letter MaママU+30DE
Katakana Letter MiミミU+30DF
Katakana Letter MuムムU+30E0
Katakana Letter MeメメU+30E1
Katakana Letter MoモモU+30E2
Katakana Letter Small YaャャU+30E3
Katakana Letter YaヤヤU+30E4
Katakana Letter Small YuュュU+30E5
Katakana Letter YuユユU+30E6
Katakana Letter Small YoョョU+30E7
Katakana Letter YoヨヨU+30E8
Katakana Letter RaララU+30E9
Katakana Letter RiリリU+30EA
Katakana Letter RuルルU+30EB
Katakana Letter ReレレU+30EC
Katakana Letter RoロロU+30ED
Katakana Letter Small WaヮヮU+30EE
Katakana Letter WaワワU+30EF
Katakana Letter WiヰヰU+30F0
Katakana Letter WeヱヱU+30F1
Katakana Letter WoヲヲU+30F2
Katakana Letter NンンU+30F3
Katakana Letter VuヴヴU+30F4
Katakana Letter Small KaヵヵU+30F5
Katakana Letter Small KeヶヶU+30F6
Katakana Letter VaヷヷU+30F7
Katakana Letter ViヸヸU+30F8
Katakana Letter VeヹヹU+30F9
Katakana Letter VoヺヺU+30FA
Katakana Middle Dot・・U+30FB
Katakana-Hiragana Prolonged Sound MarkーーU+30FC
Katakana Iteration MarkヽヽU+30FD
Katakana Voiced Iteration MarkヾヾU+30FE
Katakana Digraph KotoヿヿU+30FF
Katakana Letter Small KuㇰㇰU+31F0
Katakana Letter Small SiㇱㇱU+31F1
Katakana Letter Small SuㇲㇲU+31F2
Katakana Letter Small ToㇳㇳU+31F3
Katakana Letter Small NuㇴㇴU+31F4
Katakana Letter Small HaㇵㇵU+31F5
Katakana Letter Small HiㇶㇶU+31F6
Katakana Letter Small HuㇷㇷU+31F7
Katakana Letter Small HeㇸㇸU+31F8
Katakana Letter Small HoㇹㇹU+31F9
Katakana Letter Small MuㇺㇺU+31FA
Katakana Letter Small RaㇻㇻU+31FB
Katakana Letter Small RiㇼㇼU+31FC
Katakana Letter Small RuㇽㇽU+31FD
Katakana Letter Small ReㇾㇾU+31FE
Katakana Letter Small RoㇿㇿU+31FF
Halfwidth Hangul Letter KiyeokᄀᄀU+FFA1
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SsangkiyeokᄁᄁU+FFA2
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Kiyeok-SiosᆪᆪU+FFA3
Halfwidth Hangul Letter NieunᄂᄂU+FFA4
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-CieucᆬᆬU+FFA5
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Nieun-HieuhᆭᆭU+FFA6
Halfwidth Hangul Letter TikeutᄃᄃU+FFA7
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SsangtikeutᄄᄄU+FFA8
Halfwidth Hangul Letter RieulᄅᄅU+FFA9
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-KiyeokᆰᆰU+FFAA
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-MieumᆱᆱU+FFAB
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-PieupᆲᆲU+FFAC
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-SiosᆳᆳU+FFAD
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-ThieuthᆴᆴU+FFAE
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-PhieuphᆵᆵU+FFAF
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Rieul-HieuhᄚᄚU+FFB0
Halfwidth Hangul Letter MieumᄆᄆU+FFB1
Halfwidth Hangul Letter PieupᄇᄇU+FFB2
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SsangpieupᄈᄈU+FFB3
Halfwidth Hangul Letter Pieup-SiosᄡᄡU+FFB4
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SiosᄉᄉU+FFB5
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SsangsiosᄊᄊU+FFB6
Halfwidth Hangul Letter IeungᄋᄋU+FFB7
Halfwidth Hangul Letter CieucᄌᄌU+FFB8
Halfwidth Hangul Letter SsangcieucᄍᄍU+FFB9
Halfwidth Hangul Letter ChieuchᄎᄎU+FFBA
Halfwidth Hangul Letter KhieukhᄏᄏU+FFBB
Halfwidth Hangul Letter ThieuthᄐᄐU+FFBC
Halfwidth Hangul Letter PhieuphᄑᄑU+FFBD
Halfwidth Hangul Letter HieuhᄒᄒU+FFBE
Halfwidth Hangul Letter AᅡᅡU+FFC2
Halfwidth Hangul Letter AeᅢᅢU+FFC3
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YaᅣᅣU+FFC4
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YaeᅤᅤU+FFC5
Halfwidth Hangul Letter EoᅥᅥU+FFC6
Halfwidth Hangul Letter EᅦᅦU+FFC7
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YeoᅧᅧU+FFCA
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YeᅨᅨU+FFCB
Halfwidth Hangul Letter OᅩᅩU+FFCC
Halfwidth Hangul Letter WaᅪᅪU+FFCD
Halfwidth Hangul Letter WaeᅫᅫU+FFCE
Halfwidth Hangul Letter OeᅬᅬU+FFCF
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YoᅭᅭU+FFD2
Halfwidth Hangul Letter UᅮᅮU+FFD3
Halfwidth Hangul Letter WeoᅯᅯU+FFD4
Halfwidth Hangul Letter WeᅰᅰU+FFD5
Halfwidth Hangul Letter WiᅱᅱU+FFD6
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YuᅲᅲU+FFD7
Halfwidth Hangul Letter EuᅳᅳU+FFDA
Halfwidth Hangul Letter YiᅴᅴU+FFDB
Halfwidth Hangul Letter IᅵᅵU+FFDC
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