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Arrow Symbols

A arrow symbols is a collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any arrow symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Arrow Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The arrow symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the arrow symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Arrow SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
«Left-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark««U+00AB
»Right-Pointing Double Angle Quotation Mark»»U+00BB
Ë¿Modifier Letter Low Left Arrow˿˿U+02FF
͍Combining Left Right Arrow Below͍͍U+034D
͎Combining Upwards Arrow Below͎͎U+034E
Í¢Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below͢͢U+0362
⃔Combining Anticlockwise Arrow Above⃔⃔U+20D4
⃕Combining Clockwise Arrow Above⃕⃕U+20D5
⃖Combining Left Arrow Above⃖⃖U+20D6
⃗Combining Right Arrow Above⃗⃗U+20D7
⃡Combining Left Right Arrow Above⃡⃡U+20E1
⃪Combining Leftwards Arrow Overlay⃪⃪U+20EA
⃮Combining Left Arrow Below⃮⃮U+20EE
⃯Combining Right Arrow Below⃯⃯U+20EF
Leftwards Arrow←←U+2190
Upwards Arrow↑↑U+2191
Rightwards Arrow→→U+2192
Downwards Arrow↓↓U+2193
Left Right Arrow↔↔U+2194
↕Up Down Arrow↕↕U+2195
↖North West Arrow↖↖U+2196
↗North East Arrow↗↗U+2197
↘South East Arrow↘↘U+2198
↙South West Arrow↙↙U+2199
↚Leftwards Arrow With Stroke↚↚U+219A
↛Rightwards Arrow With Stroke↛↛U+219B
↜Leftwards Wave Arrow↜↜U+219C
↝Rightwards Wave Arrow↝↝U+219D
↞Leftwards Two Headed Arrow↞↞U+219E
↟Upwards Two Headed Arrow↟↟U+219F
↠Rightwards Two Headed Arrow↠↠U+21A0
↡Downwards Two Headed Arrow↡↡U+21A1
↢Leftwards Arrow With Tail↢↢U+21A2
↣Rightwards Arrow With Tail↣↣U+21A3
↤Leftwards Arrow From Bar↤↤U+21A4
↥Upwards Arrow From Bar↥↥U+21A5
↦Rightwards Arrow From Bar↦↦U+21A6
↧Downwards Arrow From Bar↧↧U+21A7
↨Up Down Arrow With Base↨↨U+21A8
↩Leftwards Arrow With Hook↩↩U+21A9
↪Rightwards Arrow With Hook↪↪U+21AA
↫Leftwards Arrow With Loop↫↫U+21AB
↬Rightwards Arrow With Loop↬↬U+21AC
↭Left Right Wave Arrow↭↭U+21AD
↮Left Right Arrow With Stroke↮↮U+21AE
↯Downwards Zigzag Arrow↯↯U+21AF
↰Upwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards↰↰U+21B0
↱Upwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards↱↱U+21B1
↲Downwards Arrow With Tip Leftwards↲↲U+21B2
↳Downwards Arrow With Tip Rightwards↳↳U+21B3
↴Rightwards Arrow With Corner Downwards↴↴U+21B4
Downwards Arrow With Corner Leftwards↵↵U+21B5
↶Anticlockwise Top Semicircle Arrow↶↶U+21B6
↷Clockwise Top Semicircle Arrow↷↷U+21B7
↸North West Arrow To Long Bar↸↸U+21B8
↹Leftwards Arrow To Bar Over Rightwards Arrow To Bar↹↹U+21B9
↺Anticlockwise Open Circle Arrow↺↺U+21BA
↻Clockwise Open Circle Arrow↻↻U+21BB
⇄Rightwards Arrow Over Leftwards Arrow⇄⇄U+21C4
⇅Upwards Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Arrow⇅⇅U+21C5
⇆Leftwards Arrow Over Rightwards Arrow⇆⇆U+21C6
⇍Leftwards Double Arrow With Stroke⇍⇍U+21CD
⇎Left Right Double Arrow With Stroke⇎⇎U+21CE
⇏Rightwards Double Arrow With Stroke⇏⇏U+21CF
Leftwards Double Arrow⇐⇐U+21D0
Upwards Double Arrow⇑⇑U+21D1
Rightwards Double Arrow⇒⇒U+21D2
Downwards Double Arrow⇓⇓U+21D3
Left Right Double Arrow⇔⇔U+21D4
⇕Up Down Double Arrow⇕⇕U+21D5
⇖North West Double Arrow⇖⇖U+21D6
⇗North East Double Arrow⇗⇗U+21D7
⇘South East Double Arrow⇘⇘U+21D8
⇙South West Double Arrow⇙⇙U+21D9
⇚Leftwards Triple Arrow⇚⇚U+21DA
⇛Rightwards Triple Arrow⇛⇛U+21DB
⇜Leftwards Squiggle Arrow⇜⇜U+21DC
⇝Rightwards Squiggle Arrow⇝⇝U+21DD
⇞Upwards Arrow With Double Stroke⇞⇞U+21DE
⇟Downwards Arrow With Double Stroke⇟⇟U+21DF
⇠Leftwards Dashed Arrow⇠⇠U+21E0
⇡Upwards Dashed Arrow⇡⇡U+21E1
⇢Rightwards Dashed Arrow⇢⇢U+21E2
⇣Downwards Dashed Arrow⇣⇣U+21E3
⇤Leftwards Arrow To Bar⇤⇤U+21E4
⇥Rightwards Arrow To Bar⇥⇥U+21E5
⇦Leftwards White Arrow⇦⇦U+21E6
⇧Upwards White Arrow⇧⇧U+21E7
⇨Rightwards White Arrow⇨⇨U+21E8
⇩Downwards White Arrow⇩⇩U+21E9
⇪Upwards White Arrow From Bar⇪⇪U+21EA
⇫Upwards White Arrow On Pedestal⇫⇫U+21EB
⇬Upwards White Arrow On Pedestal With Horizontal Bar⇬⇬U+21EC
⇭Upwards White Arrow On Pedestal With Vertical Bar⇭⇭U+21ED
⇮Upwards White Double Arrow⇮⇮U+21EE
⇯Upwards White Double Arrow On Pedestal⇯⇯U+21EF
⇰Rightwards White Arrow From Wall⇰⇰U+21F0
⇱North West Arrow To Corner⇱⇱U+21F1
⇲South East Arrow To Corner⇲⇲U+21F2
⇳Up Down White Arrow⇳⇳U+21F3
⇴Right Arrow With Small Circle⇴⇴U+21F4
⇵Downwards Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Arrow⇵⇵U+21F5
⇷Leftwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke⇷⇷U+21F7
⇸Rightwards Arrow With Vertical Stroke⇸⇸U+21F8
⇹Left Right Arrow With Vertical Stroke⇹⇹U+21F9
⇺Leftwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke⇺⇺U+21FA
⇻Rightwards Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke⇻⇻U+21FB
⇼Left Right Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke⇼⇼U+21FC
⇽Leftwards Open-Headed Arrow⇽⇽U+21FD
⇾Rightwards Open-Headed Arrow⇾⇾U+21FE
⇿Left Right Open-Headed Arrow⇿⇿U+21FF
⌁Electric Arrow⌁⌁U+2301
⍇Apl Functional Symbol Quad Leftwards Arrow⍇⍇U+2347
⍈Apl Functional Symbol Quad Rightwards Arrow⍈⍈U+2348
⍐Apl Functional Symbol Quad Upwards Arrow⍐⍐U+2350
⍗Apl Functional Symbol Quad Downwards Arrow⍗⍗U+2357
⍼Right Angle With Downwards Zigzag Arrow⍼⍼U+237C
⎋Broken Circle With Northwest Arrow⎋⎋U+238B
⏎Return Symbol⏎⏎U+23CE
❯Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark Ornament❯❯U+276F
➔Heavy Wide-Headed Rightwards Arrow➔➔U+2794
➘Heavy South East Arrow➘➘U+2798
➙Heavy Rightwards Arrow➙➙U+2799
➚Heavy North East Arrow➚➚U+279A
➛Drafting Point Rightwards Arrow➛➛U+279B
➜Heavy Round-Tipped Rightwards Arrow➜➜U+279C
➝Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow➝➝U+279D
➞Heavy Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow➞➞U+279E
➟Dashed Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow➟➟U+279F
➠Heavy Dashed Triangle-Headed Rightwards Arrow➠➠U+27A0
➡Black Rightwards Arrow➡➡U+27A1
➥Heavy Black Curved Downwards And Rightwards Arrow➥➥U+27A5
➦Heavy Black Curved Upwards And Rightwards Arrow➦➦U+27A6
➧Squat Black Rightwards Arrow➧➧U+27A7
➨Heavy Concave-Pointed Black Rightwards Arrow➨➨U+27A8
➩Right-Shaded White Rightwards Arrow➩➩U+27A9
➪Left-Shaded White Rightwards Arrow➪➪U+27AA
➫Back-Tilted Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➫➫U+27AB
➬Front-Tilted Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➬➬U+27AC
➭Heavy Lower Right-Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➭➭U+27AD
➮Heavy Upper Right-Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➮➮U+27AE
➯Notched Lower Right-Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➯➯U+27AF
➱Notched Upper Right-Shadowed White Rightwards Arrow➱➱U+27B1
➲Circled Heavy White Rightwards Arrow➲➲U+27B2
➳White-Feathered Rightwards Arrow➳➳U+27B3
➴Black-Feathered South East Arrow➴➴U+27B4
➵Black-Feathered Rightwards Arrow➵➵U+27B5
➶Black-Feathered North East Arrow➶➶U+27B6
➷Heavy Black-Feathered South East Arrow➷➷U+27B7
➸Heavy Black-Feathered Rightwards Arrow➸➸U+27B8
➹Heavy Black-Feathered North East Arrow➹➹U+27B9
➺Teardrop-Barbed Rightwards Arrow➺➺U+27BA
➻Heavy Teardrop-Shanked Rightwards Arrow➻➻U+27BB
➼Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow➼➼U+27BC
➽Heavy Wedge-Tailed Rightwards Arrow➽➽U+27BD
➾Open-Outlined Rightwards Arrow➾➾U+27BE
⟰Upwards Quadruple Arrow⟰⟰U+27F0
⟱Downwards Quadruple Arrow⟱⟱U+27F1
⟲Anticlockwise Gapped Circle Arrow⟲⟲U+27F2
⟳Clockwise Gapped Circle Arrow⟳⟳U+27F3
⟴Right Arrow With Circled Plus⟴⟴U+27F4
⟵Long Leftwards Arrow⟵⟵U+27F5
⟶Long Rightwards Arrow⟶⟶U+27F6
⟷Long Left Right Arrow⟷⟷U+27F7
⟸Long Leftwards Double Arrow⟸⟸U+27F8
⟹Long Rightwards Double Arrow⟹⟹U+27F9
⟺Long Left Right Double Arrow⟺⟺U+27FA
⟻Long Leftwards Arrow From Bar⟻⟻U+27FB
⟼Long Rightwards Arrow From Bar⟼⟼U+27FC
⟽Long Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar⟽⟽U+27FD
⟾Long Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar⟾⟾U+27FE
⟿Long Rightwards Squiggle Arrow⟿⟿U+27FF
⤀Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke⤀⤀U+2900
⤁Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke⤁⤁U+2901
⤂Leftwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke⤂⤂U+2902
⤃Rightwards Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke⤃⤃U+2903
⤄Left Right Double Arrow With Vertical Stroke⤄⤄U+2904
⤅Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar⤅⤅U+2905
⤆Leftwards Double Arrow From Bar⤆⤆U+2906
⤇Rightwards Double Arrow From Bar⤇⤇U+2907
⤈Downwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke⤈⤈U+2908
⤉Upwards Arrow With Horizontal Stroke⤉⤉U+2909
⤊Upwards Triple Arrow⤊⤊U+290A
⤋Downwards Triple Arrow⤋⤋U+290B
⤌Leftwards Double Dash Arrow⤌⤌U+290C
⤍Rightwards Double Dash Arrow⤍⤍U+290D
⤎Leftwards Triple Dash Arrow⤎⤎U+290E
⤏Rightwards Triple Dash Arrow⤏⤏U+290F
⤐Rightwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow⤐⤐U+2910
⤑Rightwards Arrow With Dotted Stem⤑⤑U+2911
⤒Upwards Arrow To Bar⤒⤒U+2912
⤓Downwards Arrow To Bar⤓⤓U+2913
⤔Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke⤔⤔U+2914
⤕Rightwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke⤕⤕U+2915
⤖Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail⤖⤖U+2916
⤗Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke⤗⤗U+2917
⤘Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke⤘⤘U+2918
⤙Leftwards Arrow-Tail⤙⤙U+2919
⤚Rightwards Arrow-Tail⤚⤚U+291A
⤛Leftwards Double Arrow-Tail⤛⤛U+291B
⤜Rightwards Double Arrow-Tail⤜⤜U+291C
⤝Leftwards Arrow To Black Diamond⤝⤝U+291D
⤞Rightwards Arrow To Black Diamond⤞⤞U+291E
⤟Leftwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond⤟⤟U+291F
⤠Rightwards Arrow From Bar To Black Diamond⤠⤠U+2920
⤡North West And South East Arrow⤡⤡U+2921
⤢North East And South West Arrow⤢⤢U+2922
⤣North West Arrow With Hook⤣⤣U+2923
⤤North East Arrow With Hook⤤⤤U+2924
⤥South East Arrow With Hook⤥⤥U+2925
⤦South West Arrow With Hook⤦⤦U+2926
⤧North West Arrow And North East Arrow⤧⤧U+2927
⤨North East Arrow And South East Arrow⤨⤨U+2928
⤩South East Arrow And South West Arrow⤩⤩U+2929
⤪South West Arrow And North West Arrow⤪⤪U+292A
⤭South East Arrow Crossing North East Arrow⤭⤭U+292D
⤮North East Arrow Crossing South East Arrow⤮⤮U+292E
⤯Falling Diagonal Crossing North East Arrow⤯⤯U+292F
⤰Rising Diagonal Crossing South East Arrow⤰⤰U+2930
⤱North East Arrow Crossing North West Arrow⤱⤱U+2931
⤲North West Arrow Crossing North East Arrow⤲⤲U+2932
⤳Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Right⤳⤳U+2933
⤴Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Upwards⤴⤴U+2934
⤵Arrow Pointing Rightwards Then Curving Downwards⤵⤵U+2935
⤶Arrow Pointing Downwards Then Curving Leftwards⤶⤶U+2936
⤷Arrow Pointing Downwards Then Curving Rightwards⤷⤷U+2937
⤸Right-Side Arc Clockwise Arrow⤸⤸U+2938
⤹Left-Side Arc Anticlockwise Arrow⤹⤹U+2939
⤺Top Arc Anticlockwise Arrow⤺⤺U+293A
⤻Bottom Arc Anticlockwise Arrow⤻⤻U+293B
⤼Top Arc Clockwise Arrow With Minus⤼⤼U+293C
⤽Top Arc Anticlockwise Arrow With Plus⤽⤽U+293D
⤾Lower Right Semicircular Clockwise Arrow⤾⤾U+293E
⤿Lower Left Semicircular Anticlockwise Arrow⤿⤿U+293F
⥀Anticlockwise Closed Circle Arrow⥀⥀U+2940
⥁Clockwise Closed Circle Arrow⥁⥁U+2941
⥂Rightwards Arrow Above Short Leftwards Arrow⥂⥂U+2942
⥃Leftwards Arrow Above Short Rightwards Arrow⥃⥃U+2943
⥄Short Rightwards Arrow Above Leftwards Arrow⥄⥄U+2944
⥅Rightwards Arrow With Plus Below⥅⥅U+2945
⥆Leftwards Arrow With Plus Below⥆⥆U+2946
⥇Rightwards Arrow Through X⥇⥇U+2947
⥈Left Right Arrow Through Small Circle⥈⥈U+2948
⥉Upwards Two-Headed Arrow From Small Circle⥉⥉U+2949
⥰Right Double Arrow With Rounded Head⥰⥰U+2970
⥱Equals Sign Above Rightwards Arrow⥱⥱U+2971
⥲Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow⥲⥲U+2972
⥳Leftwards Arrow Above Tilde Operator⥳⥳U+2973
⥴Rightwards Arrow Above Tilde Operator⥴⥴U+2974
⥵Rightwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⥵⥵U+2975
⥶Less-Than Above Leftwards Arrow⥶⥶U+2976
⥷Leftwards Arrow Through Less-Than⥷⥷U+2977
⥸Greater-Than Above Rightwards Arrow⥸⥸U+2978
⥹Subset Above Rightwards Arrow⥹⥹U+2979
⥺Leftwards Arrow Through Subset⥺⥺U+297A
⥻Superset Above Leftwards Arrow⥻⥻U+297B
⦨Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Right⦨⦨U+29A8
⦩Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Up And Left⦩⦩U+29A9
⦪Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Right⦪⦪U+29AA
⦫Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Down And Left⦫⦫U+29AB
⦬Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Up⦬⦬U+29AC
⦭Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Up⦭⦭U+29AD
⦮Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Right And Down⦮⦮U+29AE
⦯Measured Angle With Open Arm Ending In Arrow Pointing Left And Down⦯⦯U+29AF
⦳Empty Set With Right Arrow Above⦳⦳U+29B3
⦴Empty Set With Left Arrow Above⦴⦴U+29B4
⦽Up Arrow Through Circle⦽⦽U+29BD
⧪Black Diamond With Down Arrow⧪⧪U+29EA
⧬White Circle With Down Arrow⧬⧬U+29EC
⧭Black Circle With Down Arrow⧭⧭U+29ED
⨗Integral With Leftwards Arrow With Hook⨗⨗U+2A17
⬀North East White Arrow⬀⬀U+2B00
⬁North West White Arrow⬁⬁U+2B01
⬂South East White Arrow⬂⬂U+2B02
⬃South West White Arrow⬃⬃U+2B03
⬄Left Right White Arrow⬄⬄U+2B04
⬅Leftwards Black Arrow⬅⬅U+2B05
⬆Upwards Black Arrow⬆⬆U+2B06
⬇Downwards Black Arrow⬇⬇U+2B07
⬈North East Black Arrow⬈⬈U+2B08
⬉North West Black Arrow⬉⬉U+2B09
⬊South East Black Arrow⬊⬊U+2B0A
⬋South West Black Arrow⬋⬋U+2B0B
⬌Left Right Black Arrow⬌⬌U+2B0C
⬍Up Down Black Arrow⬍⬍U+2B0D
⬎Rightwards Arrow With Tip Downwards⬎⬎U+2B0E
⬏Rightwards Arrow With Tip Upwards⬏⬏U+2B0F
⬐Leftwards Arrow With Tip Downwards⬐⬐U+2B10
⬑Leftwards Arrow With Tip Upwards⬑⬑U+2B11
⬰Left Arrow With Small Circle⬰⬰U+2B30
⬲Left Arrow With Circled Plus⬲⬲U+2B32
⬳Long Leftwards Squiggle Arrow⬳⬳U+2B33
⬴Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Vertical Stroke⬴⬴U+2B34
⬵Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Double Vertical Stroke⬵⬵U+2B35
⬶Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow From Bar⬶⬶U+2B36
⬷Leftwards Two-Headed Triple Dash Arrow⬷⬷U+2B37
⬸Leftwards Arrow With Dotted Stem⬸⬸U+2B38
⬹Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke⬹⬹U+2B39
⬺Leftwards Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke⬺⬺U+2B3A
⬻Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail⬻⬻U+2B3B
⬼Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Vertical Stroke⬼⬼U+2B3C
⬽Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Tail With Double Vertical Stroke⬽⬽U+2B3D
⬾Leftwards Arrow Through X⬾⬾U+2B3E
⬿Wave Arrow Pointing Directly Left⬿⬿U+2B3F
⭀Equals Sign Above Leftwards Arrow⭀⭀U+2B40
⭁Reverse Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow⭁⭁U+2B41
⭂Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭂⭂U+2B42
⭃Rightwards Arrow Through Greater-Than⭃⭃U+2B43
⭄Rightwards Arrow Through Superset⭄⭄U+2B44
⭅Leftwards Quadruple Arrow⭅⭅U+2B45
⭆Rightwards Quadruple Arrow⭆⭆U+2B46
⭇Reverse Tilde Operator Above Rightwards Arrow⭇⭇U+2B47
⭈Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Almost Equal To⭈⭈U+2B48
⭉Tilde Operator Above Leftwards Arrow⭉⭉U+2B49
⭊Leftwards Arrow Above Almost Equal To⭊⭊U+2B4A
⭋Leftwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator⭋⭋U+2B4B
⭌Rightwards Arrow Above Reverse Tilde Operator⭌⭌U+2B4C
ꜛModifier Letter Raised Up ArrowꜛꜛU+A71B
ꜜModifier Letter Raised Down ArrowꜜꜜU+A71C
ï¿©Halfwidth Leftwards Arrow←←U+FFE9
↑Halfwidth Upwards Arrow↑↑U+FFEA
ï¿«Halfwidth Rightwards Arrow→→U+FFEB
↓Halfwidth Downwards Arrow↓↓U+FFEC
🎯Direct Hit🎯🎯U+1F3AF
💘Heart With Arrow💘💘U+1F498
📩Envelope With Downwards Arrow Above📩📩U+1F4E9
📲Mobile Phone With Rightwards Arrow At Left📲📲U+1F4F2
🔙Back With Leftwards Arrow Above🔙🔙U+1F519
🔚End With Leftwards Arrow Above🔚🔚U+1F51A
🔛On With Exclamation Mark With Left Right Arrow Above🔛🔛U+1F51B
🔜Soon With Rightwards Arrow Above🔜🔜U+1F51C
🔝Top With Upwards Arrow Above🔝🔝U+1F51D
⭍Downwards Triangle-Headed Zigzag Arrow⭍⭍U+2B4D
⭎Short Slanted North Arrow⭎⭎U+2B4E
⭏Short Backslanted South Arrow⭏⭏U+2B4F
⭚Slanted North Arrow With Hooked Head⭚⭚U+2B5A
⭛Backslanted South Arrow With Hooked Tail⭛⭛U+2B5B
⭜Slanted North Arrow With Horizontal Tail⭜⭜U+2B5C
⭝Backslanted South Arrow With Horizontal Tail⭝⭝U+2B5D
⭞Bent Arrow Pointing Downwards Then North East⭞⭞U+2B5E
⭟Short Bent Arrow Pointing Downwards Then North East⭟⭟U+2B5F
â­ Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⭠⭠U+2B60
â­¡Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⭡⭡U+2B61
â­¢Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⭢⭢U+2B62
â­£Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⭣⭣U+2B63
â­¤Left Right Triangle-Headed Arrow⭤⭤U+2B64
â­¥Up Down Triangle-Headed Arrow⭥⭥U+2B65
â­¦North West Triangle-Headed Arrow⭦⭦U+2B66
â­§North East Triangle-Headed Arrow⭧⭧U+2B67
â­¨South East Triangle-Headed Arrow⭨⭨U+2B68
â­©South West Triangle-Headed Arrow⭩⭩U+2B69
â­ªLeftwards Triangle-Headed Dashed Arrow⭪⭪U+2B6A
â­«Upwards Triangle-Headed Dashed Arrow⭫⭫U+2B6B
â­¬Rightwards Triangle-Headed Dashed Arrow⭬⭬U+2B6C
â­­Downwards Triangle-Headed Dashed Arrow⭭⭭U+2B6D
â­®Clockwise Triangle-Headed Open Circle Arrow⭮⭮U+2B6E
â­¯Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Open Circle Arrow⭯⭯U+2B6F
â­°Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭰⭰U+2B70
â­±Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭱⭱U+2B71
â­²Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭲⭲U+2B72
â­³Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭳⭳U+2B73
â­¶North West Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭶⭶U+2B76
â­·North East Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭷⭷U+2B77
â­¸South East Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭸⭸U+2B78
â­¹South West Triangle-Headed Arrow To Bar⭹⭹U+2B79
â­ºLeftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke⭺⭺U+2B7A
â­»Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke⭻⭻U+2B7B
â­¼Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke⭼⭼U+2B7C
â­½Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Double Horizontal Stroke⭽⭽U+2B7D
⮀Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow Over Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⮀⮀U+2B80
⮁Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow Leftwards Of Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⮁⮁U+2B81
⮂Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow Over Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⮂⮂U+2B82
⮃Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow Leftwards Of Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow⮃⮃U+2B83
⮈Leftwards Black Circled White Arrow⮈⮈U+2B88
⮉Upwards Black Circled White Arrow⮉⮉U+2B89
⮊Rightwards Black Circled White Arrow⮊⮊U+2B8A
⮋Downwards Black Circled White Arrow⮋⮋U+2B8B
⮌Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Right U-Shaped Arrow⮌⮌U+2B8C
⮍Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Bottom U-Shaped Arrow⮍⮍U+2B8D
⮎Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Left U-Shaped Arrow⮎⮎U+2B8E
⮏Anticlockwise Triangle-Headed Top U-Shaped Arrow⮏⮏U+2B8F
⮕Rightwards Black Arrow⮕⮕U+2B95
â® Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Leftwards⮠⮠U+2BA0
⮡Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Rightwards⮡⮡U+2BA1
⮢Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Leftwards⮢⮢U+2BA2
⮣Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Rightwards⮣⮣U+2BA3
⮤Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Upwards⮤⮤U+2BA4
⮥Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Upwards⮥⮥U+2BA5
⮦Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Downwards⮦⮦U+2BA6
⮧Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Long Tip Downwards⮧⮧U+2BA7
⮨Black Curved Downwards And Leftwards Arrow⮨⮨U+2BA8
⮩Black Curved Downwards And Rightwards Arrow⮩⮩U+2BA9
⮪Black Curved Upwards And Leftwards Arrow⮪⮪U+2BAA
⮫Black Curved Upwards And Rightwards Arrow⮫⮫U+2BAB
⮬Black Curved Leftwards And Upwards Arrow⮬⮬U+2BAC
â®­Black Curved Rightwards And Upwards Arrow⮭⮭U+2BAD
â®®Black Curved Leftwards And Downwards Arrow⮮⮮U+2BAE
⮯Black Curved Rightwards And Downwards Arrow⮯⮯U+2BAF
â®°Ribbon Arrow Down Left⮰⮰U+2BB0
â®±Ribbon Arrow Down Right⮱⮱U+2BB1
⮲Ribbon Arrow Up Left⮲⮲U+2BB2
⮳Ribbon Arrow Up Right⮳⮳U+2BB3
â®´Ribbon Arrow Left Up⮴⮴U+2BB4
⮵Ribbon Arrow Right Up⮵⮵U+2BB5
⮶Ribbon Arrow Left Down⮶⮶U+2BB6
â®·Ribbon Arrow Right Down⮷⮷U+2BB7
⮸Upwards White Arrow From Bar With Horizontal Bar⮸⮸U+2BB8
🠀Leftwards Arrow With Small Triangle Arrowhead🠀🠀U+1F800
🠁Upwards Arrow With Small Triangle Arrowhead🠁🠁U+1F801
🠂Rightwards Arrow With Small Triangle Arrowhead🠂🠂U+1F802
🠃Downwards Arrow With Small Triangle Arrowhead🠃🠃U+1F803
🠄Leftwards Arrow With Medium Triangle Arrowhead🠄🠄U+1F804
🠅Upwards Arrow With Medium Triangle Arrowhead🠅🠅U+1F805
🠆Rightwards Arrow With Medium Triangle Arrowhead🠆🠆U+1F806
🠇Downwards Arrow With Medium Triangle Arrowhead🠇🠇U+1F807
🠈Leftwards Arrow With Large Triangle Arrowhead🠈🠈U+1F808
🠉Upwards Arrow With Large Triangle Arrowhead🠉🠉U+1F809
🠊Rightwards Arrow With Large Triangle Arrowhead🠊🠊U+1F80A
🠋Downwards Arrow With Large Triangle Arrowhead🠋🠋U+1F80B
🠐Leftwards Arrow With Small Equilateral Arrowhead🠐🠐U+1F810
🠑Upwards Arrow With Small Equilateral Arrowhead🠑🠑U+1F811
🠒Rightwards Arrow With Small Equilateral Arrowhead🠒🠒U+1F812
🠓Downwards Arrow With Small Equilateral Arrowhead🠓🠓U+1F813
🠔Leftwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠔🠔U+1F814
🠕Upwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠕🠕U+1F815
🠖Rightwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠖🠖U+1F816
🠗Downwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠗🠗U+1F817
🠘Heavy Leftwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠘🠘U+1F818
🠙Heavy Upwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠙🠙U+1F819
🠚Heavy Rightwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠚🠚U+1F81A
🠛Heavy Downwards Arrow With Equilateral Arrowhead🠛🠛U+1F81B
🠜Heavy Leftwards Arrow With Large Equilateral Arrowhead🠜🠜U+1F81C
🠝Heavy Upwards Arrow With Large Equilateral Arrowhead🠝🠝U+1F81D
🠞Heavy Rightwards Arrow With Large Equilateral Arrowhead🠞🠞U+1F81E
🠟Heavy Downwards Arrow With Large Equilateral Arrowhead🠟🠟U+1F81F
🠠Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Narrow Shaft🠠🠠U+1F820
🠡Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Narrow Shaft🠡🠡U+1F821
🠢Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Narrow Shaft🠢🠢U+1F822
🠣Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Narrow Shaft🠣🠣U+1F823
🠤Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Medium Shaft🠤🠤U+1F824
🠥Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Medium Shaft🠥🠥U+1F825
🠦Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Medium Shaft🠦🠦U+1F826
🠧Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Medium Shaft🠧🠧U+1F827
🠨Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Bold Shaft🠨🠨U+1F828
🠩Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Bold Shaft🠩🠩U+1F829
🠪Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Bold Shaft🠪🠪U+1F82A
🠫Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Bold Shaft🠫🠫U+1F82B
🠬Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Heavy Shaft🠬🠬U+1F82C
🠭Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Heavy Shaft🠭🠭U+1F82D
🠮Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Heavy Shaft🠮🠮U+1F82E
🠯Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Heavy Shaft🠯🠯U+1F82F
🠰Leftwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Very Heavy Shaft🠰🠰U+1F830
🠱Upwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Very Heavy Shaft🠱🠱U+1F831
🠲Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Very Heavy Shaft🠲🠲U+1F832
🠳Downwards Triangle-Headed Arrow With Very Heavy Shaft🠳🠳U+1F833
🠴Leftwards Finger-Post Arrow🠴🠴U+1F834
🠵Upwards Finger-Post Arrow🠵🠵U+1F835
🠶Rightwards Finger-Post Arrow🠶🠶U+1F836
🠷Downwards Finger-Post Arrow🠷🠷U+1F837
🠸Leftwards Squared Arrow🠸🠸U+1F838
🠹Upwards Squared Arrow🠹🠹U+1F839
🠺Rightwards Squared Arrow🠺🠺U+1F83A
🠻Downwards Squared Arrow🠻🠻U+1F83B
🠼Leftwards Compressed Arrow🠼🠼U+1F83C
🠽Upwards Compressed Arrow🠽🠽U+1F83D
🠾Rightwards Compressed Arrow🠾🠾U+1F83E
🠿Downwards Compressed Arrow🠿🠿U+1F83F
🡀Leftwards Heavy Compressed Arrow🡀🡀U+1F840
🡁Upwards Heavy Compressed Arrow🡁🡁U+1F841
🡂Rightwards Heavy Compressed Arrow🡂🡂U+1F842
🡃Downwards Heavy Compressed Arrow🡃🡃U+1F843
🡄Leftwards Heavy Arrow🡄🡄U+1F844
🡅Upwards Heavy Arrow🡅🡅U+1F845
🡆Rightwards Heavy Arrow🡆🡆U+1F846
🡇Downwards Heavy Arrow🡇🡇U+1F847
🡐Leftwards Sans-Serif Arrow🡐🡐U+1F850
🡑Upwards Sans-Serif Arrow🡑🡑U+1F851
🡒Rightwards Sans-Serif Arrow🡒🡒U+1F852
🡓Downwards Sans-Serif Arrow🡓🡓U+1F853
🡔North West Sans-Serif Arrow🡔🡔U+1F854
🡕North East Sans-Serif Arrow🡕🡕U+1F855
🡖South East Sans-Serif Arrow🡖🡖U+1F856
🡗South West Sans-Serif Arrow🡗🡗U+1F857
🡘Left Right Sans-Serif Arrow🡘🡘U+1F858
🡙Up Down Sans-Serif Arrow🡙🡙U+1F859
🡠Wide-Headed Leftwards Light Barb Arrow🡠🡠U+1F860
🡡Wide-Headed Upwards Light Barb Arrow🡡🡡U+1F861
🡢Wide-Headed Rightwards Light Barb Arrow🡢🡢U+1F862
🡣Wide-Headed Downwards Light Barb Arrow🡣🡣U+1F863
🡤Wide-Headed North West Light Barb Arrow🡤🡤U+1F864
🡥Wide-Headed North East Light Barb Arrow🡥🡥U+1F865
🡦Wide-Headed South East Light Barb Arrow🡦🡦U+1F866
🡧Wide-Headed South West Light Barb Arrow🡧🡧U+1F867
🡨Wide-Headed Leftwards Barb Arrow🡨🡨U+1F868
🡩Wide-Headed Upwards Barb Arrow🡩🡩U+1F869
🡪Wide-Headed Rightwards Barb Arrow🡪🡪U+1F86A
🡫Wide-Headed Downwards Barb Arrow🡫🡫U+1F86B
🡬Wide-Headed North West Barb Arrow🡬🡬U+1F86C
🡭Wide-Headed North East Barb Arrow🡭🡭U+1F86D
🡮Wide-Headed South East Barb Arrow🡮🡮U+1F86E
🡯Wide-Headed South West Barb Arrow🡯🡯U+1F86F
🡰Wide-Headed Leftwards Medium Barb Arrow🡰🡰U+1F870
🡱Wide-Headed Upwards Medium Barb Arrow🡱🡱U+1F871
🡲Wide-Headed Rightwards Medium Barb Arrow🡲🡲U+1F872
🡳Wide-Headed Downwards Medium Barb Arrow🡳🡳U+1F873
🡴Wide-Headed North West Medium Barb Arrow🡴🡴U+1F874
🡵Wide-Headed North East Medium Barb Arrow🡵🡵U+1F875
🡶Wide-Headed South East Medium Barb Arrow🡶🡶U+1F876
🡷Wide-Headed South West Medium Barb Arrow🡷🡷U+1F877
🡸Wide-Headed Leftwards Heavy Barb Arrow🡸🡸U+1F878
🡹Wide-Headed Upwards Heavy Barb Arrow🡹🡹U+1F879
🡺Wide-Headed Rightwards Heavy Barb Arrow🡺🡺U+1F87A
🡻Wide-Headed Downwards Heavy Barb Arrow🡻🡻U+1F87B
🡼Wide-Headed North West Heavy Barb Arrow🡼🡼U+1F87C
🡽Wide-Headed North East Heavy Barb Arrow🡽🡽U+1F87D
🡾Wide-Headed South East Heavy Barb Arrow🡾🡾U+1F87E
🡿Wide-Headed South West Heavy Barb Arrow🡿🡿U+1F87F
🢀Wide-Headed Leftwards Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢀🢀U+1F880
🢁Wide-Headed Upwards Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢁🢁U+1F881
🢂Wide-Headed Rightwards Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢂🢂U+1F882
🢃Wide-Headed Downwards Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢃🢃U+1F883
🢄Wide-Headed North West Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢄🢄U+1F884
🢅Wide-Headed North East Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢅🢅U+1F885
🢆Wide-Headed South East Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢆🢆U+1F886
🢇Wide-Headed South West Very Heavy Barb Arrow🢇🢇U+1F887
🢔Leftwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢔🢔U+1F894
🢕Upwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢕🢕U+1F895
🢖Rightwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢖🢖U+1F896
🢗Downwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢗🢗U+1F897
🢘Leftwards Arrow With Notched Tail🢘🢘U+1F898
🢙Upwards Arrow With Notched Tail🢙🢙U+1F899
🢚Rightwards Arrow With Notched Tail🢚🢚U+1F89A
🢛Downwards Arrow With Notched Tail🢛🢛U+1F89B
🢜Heavy Arrow Shaft Width One🢜🢜U+1F89C
🢝Heavy Arrow Shaft Width Two Thirds🢝🢝U+1F89D
🢞Heavy Arrow Shaft Width One Half🢞🢞U+1F89E
🢟Heavy Arrow Shaft Width One Third🢟🢟U+1F89F
🢠Leftwards Bottom-Shaded White Arrow🢠🢠U+1F8A0
🢡Rightwards Bottom Shaded White Arrow🢡🢡U+1F8A1
🢢Leftwards Top Shaded White Arrow🢢🢢U+1F8A2
🢣Rightwards Top Shaded White Arrow🢣🢣U+1F8A3
🢤Leftwards Left-Shaded White Arrow🢤🢤U+1F8A4
🢥Rightwards Right-Shaded White Arrow🢥🢥U+1F8A5
🢦Leftwards Right-Shaded White Arrow🢦🢦U+1F8A6
🢧Rightwards Left-Shaded White Arrow🢧🢧U+1F8A7
🢨Leftwards Back-Tilted Shadowed White Arrow🢨🢨U+1F8A8
🢩Rightwards Back-Tilted Shadowed White Arrow🢩🢩U+1F8A9
🢪Leftwards Front-Tilted Shadowed White Arrow🢪🢪U+1F8AA
🢫Rightwards Front-Tilted Shadowed White Arrow🢫🢫U+1F8AB
🢬White Arrow Shaft Width One🢬🢬U+1F8AC
🢭White Arrow Shaft Width Two Thirds🢭🢭U+1F8AD
⯬Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads⯬⯬U+2BEC
⯭Upwards Two-Headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads⯭⯭U+2BED
⯮Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads⯮⯮U+2BEE
⯯Downwards Two-Headed Arrow With Triangle Arrowheads⯯⯯U+2BEF
🏹Bow And Arrow🏹🏹U+1F3F9

The Alt Code for Up Arrow Symbol (↑) is alt + 24. To type the up arrow symbol using alt code, firstly turn on Num Lock. Then click on the place where the symbol should appear. Now, hold an ALT key and type 2 4 on the numeric keypad. Now release the ALT key. That's how you can type Up arrow symbol using ALT code.

ALT codes for Arrow Symbols

Arrow SymbolSymbol NameAlt Code
Up ArrowAlt+24
Down ArrowAlt+25
Right ArrowAlt+26
Left ArrowAlt+27
↨Up-Down ArrowAlt+23
Left-Right ArrowAlt+29
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