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A bracket symbols is a collection of text symbols. Click on any bracket symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Bracket Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The bracket symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the bracket symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Bracket SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
[Left Square Bracket[[U+005B
]Right Square Bracket]]U+005D
{Left Curly Bracket{{U+007B
}Right Curly Bracket}}U+007D
Left Square Bracket With Quill⁅⁅U+2045
Right Square Bracket With Quill⁆⁆U+2046
Left-Pointing Angle Bracket〈〈U+2329
Right-Pointing Angle Bracket〉〉U+232A
Left Square Bracket Upper Corner⎡⎡U+23A1
Left Square Bracket Extension⎢⎢U+23A2
Left Square Bracket Lower Corner⎣⎣U+23A3
Right Square Bracket Upper Corner⎤⎤U+23A4
Right Square Bracket Extension⎥⎥U+23A5
Right Square Bracket Lower Corner⎦⎦U+23A6
Left Curly Bracket Upper Hook⎧⎧U+23A7
Left Curly Bracket Middle Piece⎨⎨U+23A8
Left Curly Bracket Lower Hook⎩⎩U+23A9
Curly Bracket Extension⎪⎪U+23AA
Right Curly Bracket Upper Hook⎫⎫U+23AB
Right Curly Bracket Middle Piece⎬⎬U+23AC
Right Curly Bracket Lower Hook⎭⎭U+23AD
Upper Left Or Lower Right Curly Bracket Section⎰⎰U+23B0
Upper Right Or Lower Left Curly Bracket Section⎱⎱U+23B1
Top Square Bracket⎴⎴U+23B4
Bottom Square Bracket⎵⎵U+23B5
Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket⎶⎶U+23B6
Top Curly Bracket⏞⏞U+23DE
Bottom Curly Bracket⏟⏟U+23DF
Top Tortoise Shell Bracket⏠⏠U+23E0
Bottom Tortoise Shell Bracket⏡⏡U+23E1
Medium Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❬❬U+276C
Medium Right-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❭❭U+276D
Heavy Left-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❰❰U+2770
Heavy Right-Pointing Angle Bracket Ornament❱❱U+2771
Light Left Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament❲❲U+2772
Light Right Tortoise Shell Bracket Ornament❳❳U+2773
Medium Left Curly Bracket Ornament❴❴U+2774
Medium Right Curly Bracket Ornament❵❵U+2775
Mathematical Left White Square Bracket⟦⟦U+27E6
Mathematical Right White Square Bracket⟧⟧U+27E7
Mathematical Left Angle Bracket⟨⟨U+27E8
Mathematical Right Angle Bracket⟩⟩U+27E9
Mathematical Left Double Angle Bracket⟪⟪U+27EA
Mathematical Right Double Angle Bracket⟫⟫U+27EB
Mathematical Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket⟬⟬U+27EC
Mathematical Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket⟭⟭U+27ED
Left White Curly Bracket⦃⦃U+2983
Right White Curly Bracket⦄⦄U+2984
Z Notation Left Image Bracket⦇⦇U+2987
Z Notation Right Image Bracket⦈⦈U+2988
Z Notation Left Binding Bracket⦉⦉U+2989
Z Notation Right Binding Bracket&#10634⦊U+298A
Left Square Bracket With Under Bar⦋⦋U+298B
Right Square Bracket With Under Bar⦌⦌U+298C
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Top Corner⦍⦍U+298D
Right Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom Corner⦎⦎U+298E
Left Square Bracket With Tick In Bottom Corner⦏⦏U+298F
Right Square Bracket With Tick In Top Corner⦐⦐U+2990
Left Angle Bracket With Dot⦑⦑U+2991
Right Angle Bracket With Dot⦒⦒U+2992
Left Arc Less-Than Bracket⦓⦓U+2993
Right Arc Greater-Than Bracket⦔⦔U+2994
Double Left Arc Greater-Than Bracket⦕⦕U+2995
Double Right Arc Less-Than Bracket⦖⦖U+2996
Left Black Tortoise Shell Bracket⦗⦗U+2997
Right Black Tortoise Shell Bracket⦘⦘U+2998
Left-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket⧼⧼U+29FC
Right-Pointing Curved Angle Bracket⧽⧽U+29FD
Left Substitution Bracket⸂⸂U+2E02
Right Substitution Bracket⸃⸃U+2E03
Left Dotted Substitution Bracket⸄⸄U+2E04
Right Dotted Substitution Bracket⸅⸅U+2E05
Left Transposition Bracket⸉⸉U+2E09
Right Transposition Bracket⸊⸊U+2E0A
Left Raised Omission Bracket⸌⸌U+2E0C
Right Raised Omission Bracket⸍⸍U+2E0D
Left Low Paraphrase Bracket⸜⸜U+2E1C
Right Low Paraphrase Bracket⸝⸝U+2E1D
Top Left Half Bracket⸢⸢U+2E22
Top Right Half Bracket⸣⸣U+2E23
Bottom Left Half Bracket⸤⸤U+2E24
Bottom Right Half Bracket⸥⸥U+2E25
Left Sideways U Bracket⸦⸦U+2E26
Right Sideways U Bracket⸧⸧U+2E27
Left Angle Bracket〈〈U+3008
Right Angle Bracket〉〉U+3009
Left Double Angle Bracket《《U+300A
Right Double Angle Bracket》》U+300B
Left Corner Bracket「「U+300C
Right Corner Bracket」」U+300D
Left White Corner Bracket『『U+300E
Right White Corner Bracket』』U+300F
Left Black Lenticular Bracket【【U+3010
Right Black Lenticular Bracket】】U+3011
Left Tortoise Shell Bracket〔〔U+3014
Right Tortoise Shell Bracket〕〕U+3015
Left White Lenticular Bracket〖〖U+3016
Right White Lenticular Bracket〗〗U+3017
Left White Tortoise Shell Bracket〘〘U+3018
Right White Tortoise Shell Bracket〙〙U+3019
Left White Square Bracket〚〚U+301A
Right White Square Bracket〛〛U+301B
Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Lenticular Bracket︗︗U+FE17
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Curly Bracket︷︷U+FE37
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Curly Bracket︸︸U+FE38
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Tortoise Shell Bracket︹︹U+FE39
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Tortoise Shell Bracket︺︺U+FE3A
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Black Lenticular Bracket︻︻U+FE3B
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Black Lenticular Bracket︼︼U+FE3C
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Double Angle Bracket︽︽U+FE3D
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Double Angle Bracket︾︾U+FE3E
︿Presentation Form For Vertical Left Angle Bracket︿︿U+FE3F
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Angle Bracket﹀﹀U+FE40
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Corner Bracket﹁﹁U+FE41
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Corner Bracket﹂﹂U+FE42
Presentation Form For Vertical Left White Corner Bracket﹃﹃U+FE43
Presentation Form For Vertical Right White Corner Bracket﹄﹄U+FE44
Presentation Form For Vertical Left Square Bracket﹇﹇U+FE47
Presentation Form For Vertical Right Square Bracket﹈﹈U+FE48
Small Left Curly Bracket﹛﹛U+FE5B
Small Right Curly Bracket﹜﹜U+FE5C
Small Left Tortoise Shell Bracket﹝﹝U+FE5D
Small Right Tortoise Shell Bracket﹞﹞U+FE5E
Fullwidth Left Square Bracket[[U+FF3B
Fullwidth Right Square Bracket]]U+FF3D
Fullwidth Left Curly Bracket{{U+FF5B
Fullwidth Right Curly Bracket}}U+FF5D
Halfwidth Left Corner Bracket「「U+FF62
Halfwidth Right Corner Bracket」」U+FF63
𝄕Musical Symbol Bracket𝄕𝄕U+1D115

The Alt Code for Left Bracket Symbol is alt + 40. To type the left bracket symbol using alt code, firstly turn on Num Lock. Then click on the place where the symbol should appear. Now, hold an ALT key and type 4 0 on the numeric keypad. Now release the ALT key. That's how you can type left bracket symbol using ALT code.

Bracket Symbols with Alt codes

SymbolSymbol NameAlt Code
{Left Curly BracketAlt 123
}Right Curly BracketAlt 125
(Left BracketAlt 40
)Right BracketAlt 41
[Left Square BracketAlt 91
]Right Square BracketAlt 93
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