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The line symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the line symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Line SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
ˍModifier Letter Low MacronˍˍU+02CD
_Low Line__U+005F
|Vertical Line||U+007C
Double Vertical Line‖‖U+2016
Double Low Line‗‗U+2017
Combining Long Vertical Line Overlay⃒⃒U+20D2
Combining Short Vertical Line Overlay⃓⃓U+20D3
Downwards Arrow↓↓U+2193
Wavy Line⌇⌇U+2307
Vertical Line With Middle Dot⍿⍿U+237F
White Square With Centre Vertical Line⎅⎅U+2385
Hangzhou Numeral One〡〡U+3021
Hangzhou Numeral Two〢〢U+3022
Hangzhou Numeral Three〣〣U+3023
Horizontal Line Extension⎯⎯U+23AF
Left Vertical Box Line⎸⎸U+23B8
Right Vertical Box Line⎹⎹U+23B9
Horizontal Scan Line-1⎺⎺U+23BA
Horizontal Scan Line-3⎻⎻U+23BB
Horizontal Scan Line-7⎼⎼U+23BC
Horizontal Scan Line-9⎽⎽U+23BD
Vertical Line Extension⏐⏐U+23D0
Heavy Horizontal━━U+2501
Heavy Triple Dash Horizontal┅┅U+2505
Heavy Quadruple Dash Horizontal┉┉U+2509
Heavy Double Dash Horizontal╍╍U+254D
Light Arc Down And Right╭╭U+256D
Light Arc Down And Left╮╮U+256E
Light Arc Up And Left╯╯U+256F
Light Arc Up And Right╰╰U+2570
Heavy Left╸╸U+2578
Heavy Right╺╺U+257A
White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line◫◫U+25EB
Trigram For Heaven☰☰U+2630
Monogram For Yang⚊⚊U+268A
Monogram For Yin⚋⚋U+268B
Diagram For Lesser Yin⚍⚍U+268D
Diagram For Lesser Yang⚎⚎U+268E
Diagram For Greater Yin⚏⚏U+268F
Vertical Zigzag Line⦚⦚U+299A
Line Integration With Rectangular Path Around Pole⨒⨒U+2A12
Line Integration With Semicircular Path Around Pole⨓⨓U+2A13
Line Integration Not Including The Pole⨔⨔U+2A14
Vertical Line With Circle Above⫯⫯U+2AEF
Vertical Line With Circle Below⫰⫰U+2AF0
Kangxi Radical Line⼁⼁U+2F01
Ideographic Telegraph Line Feed Separator Symbol〷〷U+3037
Presentation Form For Vertical Low Line&#65075︳U+FE33
Presentation Form For Vertical Wavy Low Line︴︴U+FE34
Dashed Low Line﹍﹍U+FE4D
Centerline Low Line﹎﹎U+FE4E
Wavy Low Line﹏﹏U+FE4F
_Fullwidth Low Line__U+FF3F
Fullwidth Vertical Line||U+FF5C
𝄖Musical Symbol One-Line Staff𝄖𝄖U+1D116
𝄗Musical Symbol Two-Line Staff𝄗𝄗U+1D117
𝄘Musical Symbol Three-Line Staff&#119064𝄘U+1D118
𝄙Musical Symbol Four-Line Staff 𝄙𝄙U+1D119
𝄚Musical Symbol Five-Line Staff𝄚𝄚U+1D11A
𝄛Musical Symbol Six-Line Staff𝄛𝄛U+1D11B
Heavy Minus Sign➖➖U+2796
𑁋Brahmi Punctuation Line𑁋𑁋U+1104B
Wiggly Vertical Line⸾⸾U+2E3E
Light Horizontal──U+2500
Heavy Horizontal━━U+2501
Light Vertical││U+2502
Heavy Vertical┃┃U+2503
Light Triple Dash Horizontal┄┄U+2504
Heavy Triple Dash Horizontal┅┅U+2505
Light Triple Dash Vertical┆┆U+2506
Heavy Triple Dash Vertical┇┇U+2507
Light Quadruple Dash Horizontal┈┈U+2508
Heavy Quadruple Dash Horizontal┉┉U+2509
Light Quadruple Dash Vertical┊┊U+250A
Heavy Quadruple Dash Vertical┋┋U+250B
Light Down And Right┌┌U+250C
Down Light And Right Heavy┍┍U+250D
Down Heavy And Right Light┎┎U+250E
Heavy Down And Right┏┏U+250F
Light Down And Left┐┐U+2510
Down Light And Left Heavy┑┑U+2511
Down Heavy And Left Light┒┒U+2512
Heavy Down And Left┓┓U+2513
Light Up And Right└└U+2514
Up Light And Right Heavy┕┕U+2515
Up Heavy And Right Light┖┖U+2516
Heavy Up And Right┗┗U+2517
Light Up And Left┘┘U+2518
Up Light And Left Heavy┙┙U+2519
Up Heavy And Left Light┚┚U+251A
Heavy Up And Left┛┛U+251B
Light Vertical And Right├├U+251C
Vertical Light And Right Heavy┝┝U+251D
Up Heavy And Right Down Light┞┞U+251E
Down Heavy And Right Up Light┟┟U+251F
Vertical Heavy And Right Light┠┠U+2520
Down Light And Right Up Heavy┡┡U+2521
Up Light And Right Down Heavy┢┢U+2522
Heavy Vertical And Right┣┣U+2523
Light Vertical And Left┤┤U+2524
Vertical Light And Left Heavy┥┥U+2525
Up Heavy And Left Down Light┦┦U+2526
Down Heavy And Left Up Light┧┧U+2527
Vertical Heavy And Left Light┨┨U+2528
Down Light And Left Up Heavy┩┩U+2529
Up Light And Left Down Heavy┪┪U+252A
Heavy Vertical And Left┫┫U+252B
Light Down And Horizontal┬┬U+252C
Left Heavy And Right Down Light┭┭U+252D
Right Heavy And Left Down Light┮┮U+252E
Down Light And Horizontal Heavy┯┯U+252F
Down Heavy And Horizontal Light┰┰U+2530
Right Light And Left Down Heavy┱┱U+2531
Left Light And Right Down Heavy┲┲U+2532
Heavy Down And Horizontal┳┳U+2533
Light Up And Horizontal┴┴U+2534
Left Heavy And Right Up Light┵┵U+2535
Right Heavy And Left Up Light┶┶U+2536
Up Light And Horizontal Heavy┷┷U+2537
Up Heavy And Horizontal Light┸┸U+2538
Right Light And Left Up Heavy┹┹U+2539
Left Light And Right Up Heavy┺┺U+253A
Heavy Up And Horizontal┻┻U+253B
Light Vertical And Horizontal┼┼U+253C
Left Heavy And Right Vertical Light┽┽U+253D
Right Heavy And Left Vertical Light┾┾U+253E
Vertical Light And Horizontal Heavy┿┿U+253F
Up Heavy And Down Horizontal Light╀╀U+2540
Down Heavy And Up Horizontal Light╁╁U+2541
Vertical Heavy And Horizontal Light╂╂U+2542
Left Up Heavy And Right Down Light╃╃U+2543
Right Up Heavy And Left Down Light╄╄U+2544
Left Down Heavy And Right Up Light╅╅U+2545
Right Down Heavy And Left Up Light╆╆U+2546
Down Light And Up Horizontal Heavy╇╇U+2547
Up Light And Down Horizontal Heavy╈╈U+2548
Right Light And Left Vertical Heavy╉╉U+2549
Left Light And Right Vertical Heavy╊╊U+254A
Heavy Vertical And Horizontal╋╋U+254B
Light Double Dash Horizontal╌╌U+254C
Heavy Double Dash Horizontal╍╍U+254D
Light Double Dash Vertical╎╎U+254E
Heavy Double Dash Vertical╏╏U+254F
Double Horizontal══U+2550
Double Vertical║║U+2551
Down Single And Right Double╒╒U+2552
Down Double And Right Single╓╓U+2553
Double Down And Right╔╔U+2554
Down Single And Left Double╕╕U+2555
Down Double And Left Single╖╖U+2556
Double Down And Left╗╗U+2557
Up Single And Right Double╘╘U+2558
Up Double And Right Single╙╙U+2559
Double Up And Right╚╚U+255A
Up Single And Left Double╛╛U+255B
Up Double And Left Single╜╜U+255C
Double Up And Left╝╝U+255D
Vertical Single And Right Double╞╞U+255E
Vertical Double And Right Single╟╟U+255F
Double Vertical And Right╠╠U+2560
Vertical Single And Left Double╡╡U+2561
Vertical Double And Left Single╢╢U+2562
Double Vertical And Left╣╣U+2563
Down Single And Horizontal Double╤╤U+2564
Down Double And Horizontal Single╥╥U+2565
Double Down And Horizontal╦╦U+2566
Up Single And Horizontal Double╧╧U+2567
Up Double And Horizontal Single╨╨U+2568
Double Up And Horizontal╩╩U+2569
Vertical Single And Horizontal Double╪╪U+256A
Vertical Double And Horizontal Single╫╫U+256B
Double Vertical And Horizontal╬╬U+256C
Light Arc Down And Right╭╭U+256D
Light Arc Down And Left╮╮U+256E
Light Arc Up And Left╯╯U+256F
Light Arc Up And Right╰╰U+2570
Light Diagonal Upper Right To Lower Left╱╱U+2571
Light Diagonal Upper Left To Lower Right╲╲U+2572
Light Diagonal Cross╳╳U+2573
Light Left╴╴U+2574
Light Up╵╵U+2575
Light Right╶╶U+2576
Light Down╷╷U+2577
Heavy Left╸╸U+2578
Heavy Up╹╹U+2579
Heavy Right╺╺U+257A
Heavy Down╻╻U+257B
Light Left And Heavy Right╼╼U+257C
Light Up And Heavy Down╽╽U+257D
Heavy Left And Light Right╾╾U+257E
Heavy Up And Light Down╿╿U+257F
Light Arc Down And Right╭╭U+256D
Light Arc Down And Left╮╮U+256E
Light Arc Up And Left╯╯U+256F
Light Arc Up And Right╰╰U+2570
Upper Left Quadrant Circular Arc◜◜U+25DC
Upper Right Quadrant Circular Arc◝◝U+25DD
Lower Right Quadrant Circular Arc◞◞U+25DE
Lower Left Quadrant Circular Arc◟◟U+25DF
Small Em Dash﹘﹘U+FE58
Small Hyphen-Minus﹣﹣U+FE63
Fullwidth Hyphen-Minus--U+FF0D
Two-Em Dash⸺⸺U+2E3A
Three-Em Dash⸻⸻U+2E3B
En Dash––U+2013
Em Dash——U+2014
Horizontal Bar――U+2015
Swung Dash⁓⁓U+2053
Superscript Minus⁻⁻U+207B
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