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A cross symbols is a collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any cross symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Cross Symbols and Emoji With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The cross symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the cross symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Cross SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
๐ ’Cypriot Syllable Lo𐠒𐠒U+10812
๐ค•Phoenician Letter Tau𐤕𐤕U+10915
๐คฒLydian Letter Q𐤲𐤲U+10932
๐“ถEgyptian Hieroglyph Z011𓏶𓏶U+133F6
โŒCross Mark❌❌U+274C
โŽNegative Squared Cross Mark❎❎U+274E
โž•Heavy Plus Sign➕➕U+2795
โธธTurned Dagger⸸⸸U+2E38
๐Ÿ•€Circled Cross Pommee🕀🕀U+1F540
๐Ÿ•Cross Pommee With Half-Circle Below🕁🕁U+1F541
๐Ÿ•‚Cross Pommee🕂🕂U+1F542
๐ŸœŠAlchemical Symbol For Vinegar🜊🜊U+1F70A
๐Ÿ•†White Latin Cross🕆🕆U+1F546
๐Ÿ•‡Heavy Latin Cross🕇🕇U+1F547
๐Ÿ•ˆCeltic Cross🕈🕈U+1F548
๐ŸžกThin Greek Cross🞡🞡U+1F7A1
๐ŸžขLight Greek Cross🞢🞢U+1F7A2
๐ŸžฃMedium Greek Cross🞣🞣U+1F7A3
๐ŸžคBold Greek Cross🞤🞤U+1F7A4
๐ŸžฅVery Bold Greek Cross🞥🞥U+1F7A5
๐ŸžฆVery Heavy Greek Cross🞦🞦U+1F7A6
๐ŸžงExtremely Heavy Greek Cross🞧🞧U+1F7A7
+Plus Sign++U+002B
xLatin Small Letter XxxU+0078
หŸModifier Letter Cross Accent˟˟U+02DF
แ›ญRunic Cross Punctuation᛭᛭U+16ED
โœDotted Cross⁜⁜U+205C
Circled Plus⊕⊕U+2295
โ•ณBox Drawings Light Diagonal Cross╳╳U+2573
โ˜ฆOrthodox Cross☦☦U+2626
โ˜จCross Of Lorraine☨☨U+2628
โ˜ฉCross Of Jerusalem☩☩U+2629
โ™”White Chess King♔♔U+2654
โ™—White Chess Bishop♗♗U+2657
โ™šBlack Chess King♚♚U+265A
โ™Black Chess Bishop♝♝U+265D
โ™ฐWest Syriac Cross♰♰U+2670
โ™ฑEast Syriac Cross♱♱U+2671
โ›‘Helmet With White Cross⛑⛑U+26D1
โ›จBlack Cross On Shield⛨⛨U+26E8
โœ™Outlined Greek Cross✙✙U+2719
โœšHeavy Greek Cross✚✚U+271A
โœ›Open Centre Cross✛✛U+271B
โœœHeavy Open Centre Cross✜✜U+271C
โœLatin Cross✝✝U+271D
โœžShadowed White Latin Cross✞✞U+271E
โœŸOutlined Latin Cross✟✟U+271F
โœ Maltese Cross✠✠U+2720
โจฏVector Or Cross Product⨯⨯U+2A2F
โตœTifinagh Letter YatⵜⵜU+2D5C
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