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A triangle symbols is a one of the best collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any triangle symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want. Also, scroll down to get HTML code and Unicode of any triangle symbol.

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Copy And Paste Triangle Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The triangle symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the triangle symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Triangle SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle⏴⏴U+23F4
Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle⏵⏵U+23F5
Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle⏶⏶U+23F6
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle⏷⏷U+23F7
Black Up-Pointing Triangle▲▲U+25B2
White Up-Pointing Triangle△△U+25B3
Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle▴▴U+25B4
White Up-Pointing Small Triangle▵▵U+25B5
Black Right-Pointing Triangle▶▶U+25B6
White Right-Pointing Triangle▷▷U+25B7
Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle▸▸U+25B8
White Right-Pointing Small Triangle▹▹U+25B9
Black Down-Pointing Triangle▼▼U+25BC
White Down-Pointing Triangle▽▽U+25BD
Black Down-Pointing Small Triangle▾▾U+25BE
White Down-Pointing Small Triangle▿▿U+25BF
Black Left-Pointing Triangle◀◀U+25C0
White Left-Pointing Triangle◁◁U+25C1
Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle◂◂U+25C2
White Left-Pointing Small Triangle◃◃U+25C3
Black Lower Right Triangle◢◢U+25E2
Black Lower Left Triangle◣◣U+25E3
Black Upper Left Triangle◤◤U+25E4
Black Upper Right Triangle◥◥U+25E5
White Up-Pointing Triangle with Dot◬◬U+25EC
Up-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black◭◭U+25ED
Up-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black◮◮U+25EE
Upper Left Triangle◸◸U+25F8
Upper Right Triangle◹◹U+25F9
Lower Left Triangle◺◺U+25FA
Lower Right Triangle◿◿U+25FF
Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle⛛⛛U+26DB
White Triangle Containing Small White Triangle⟁⟁U+27C1
Triangle with Dot Above⧊⧊U+29CA
Triangle with Underbar⧋⧋U+29CB
S In Triangle⧌⧌U+29CC
Triangle with Serifs at Bottom⧍⧍U+29CD
Right Triangle Above Left Triangle⧎⧎U+29CE
Left Triangle Beside Vertical Bar⧏⧏U+29CF
Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle⧐⧐U+29D0
Down-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black⧨⧨U+29E8
Down-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black⧩⧩U+29E9
Large Left Triangle Operator⨞⨞U+2A1E
Plus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹U+2A39
Minus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺U+2A3A
Multiplication Sign In Triangle⨻⨻U+2A3B
Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle Centred⯅⯅U+2BC5
Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle Centred⯆⯆U+2BC6
Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle Centred⯇⯇U+2BC7
Black Medium Right-Pointing Triangle Centred⯈⯈U+2BC8
Leftwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯬⯬U+2BEC
Upwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯭⯭U+2BED
Rightwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯮⯮U+2BEE
Downwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯯⯯U+2BEF
𝅈Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up White𝅈𝅈U+1D148
𝅉Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Black𝅉𝅉U+1D149
𝅊Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left White𝅊𝅊U+1D14A
𝅋Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left Black𝅋𝅋U+1D14B
𝅌Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right White𝅌𝅌U+1D14C
𝅍Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right Black𝅍𝅍U+1D14D
𝅎Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down White𝅎𝅎U+1D14E
𝅏Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down Black𝅏𝅏U+1D14F
𝅐Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right White𝅐𝅐U+1D150
𝅑Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right Black𝅑𝅑U+1D151
𝅔Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down White𝅔𝅔U+1D154
𝅕Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down Black𝅕𝅕U+1D155
🔺Up-Pointing Red Triangle🔺🔺U+1F53A
🔻Down-Pointing Red Triangle🔻🔻U+1F53B
🔼Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔼🔼U+1F53C
🔽Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔽🔽U+1F53D
🛆Triangle with Rounded Corners🛆🛆U+1F6C6
🞀Black Left-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞀🞀U+1F780
🞁Black Up-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞁🞁U+1F781
🞂Black Right-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞂🞂U+1F782
🞃Black Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞃🞃U+1F783
🟕Circled Triangle🟕🟕U+1F7D5
🟖Negative Circled Triangle🟖🟖U+1F7D6
🢐Leftwards Triangle Arrowhead🢐🢐U+1F890
🢑Upwards Triangle Arrowhead🢑🢑U+1F891
🢒Rightwards Triangle Arrowhead🢒🢒U+1F892
🢓Downwards Triangle Arrowhead🢓🢓U+1F893
🢔Leftwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢔🢔U+1F894
🢕Upwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢕🢕U+1F895
🢖Rightwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢖🢖U+1F896
🢗Downwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢗🢗U+1F897
Normal Subgroup Of⊲⊲U+22B2
Contains as Normal Subgroup⊳⊳U+22B3
Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⊴⊴U+22B4
Contains as Normal Subgroup or Equal To⊵⊵U+22B5
Not Normal Subgroup Of⋪⋪U+22EA
Does Not Contain as Normal Subgroup⋫⋫U+22EB
Not Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⋬⋬U+22EC
Does Not Contain as Normal Subgroup or Equal⋭⋭U+22ED
ׯHebrew Yod TriangleׯׯU+05EF
Combining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle⃤⃤U+20E4
Right Triangle⊿⊿U+22BF
Circled Triangle Down⎊⎊U+238A
Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical with Triangle⏃⏃U+23C3
Dentistry Symbol Light Down and Horizontal with Triangle⏄⏄U+23C4
Dentistry Symbol Light Up and Horizontal with Triangle⏅⏅U+23C5
Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle⏩⏩U+23E9
Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle⏪⏪U+23EA
Black Up-Pointing Double Triangle⏫⏫U+23EB
Black Down-Pointing Double Triangle⏬⏬U+23EC
Black Right-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏭⏭U+23ED
Black Left-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏮⏮U+23EE
Black Right-Pointing Triangle with Double Vertical Bar⏯⏯U+23EF
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