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Triangle Symbols

A triangle symbols is a collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any triangle symbols to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Triangle Symbols With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The triangle symbols is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the triangle symbols along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode. To copy these codes, click on code. To verify your code, paste the code in the HTML editor below and check the preview.

Triangle SymbolNameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
โดBlack Medium Left-Pointing Triangle⏴⏴U+23F4
โตBlack Medium Right-Pointing Triangle⏵⏵U+23F5
โถBlack Medium Up-Pointing Triangle⏶⏶U+23F6
โทBlack Medium Down-Pointing Triangle⏷⏷U+23F7
โ–ฒBlack Up-Pointing Triangle▲▲U+25B2
โ–ณWhite Up-Pointing Triangle△△U+25B3
โ–ดBlack Up-Pointing Small Triangle▴▴U+25B4
โ–ตWhite Up-Pointing Small Triangle▵▵U+25B5
โ–ถBlack Right-Pointing Triangle▶▶U+25B6
โ–ทWhite Right-Pointing Triangle▷▷U+25B7
โ–ธBlack Right-Pointing Small Triangle▸▸U+25B8
โ–นWhite Right-Pointing Small Triangle▹▹U+25B9
โ–ผBlack Down-Pointing Triangle▼▼U+25BC
โ–ฝWhite Down-Pointing Triangle▽▽U+25BD
โ–พBlack Down-Pointing Small Triangle▾▾U+25BE
โ–ฟWhite Down-Pointing Small Triangle▿▿U+25BF
โ—€Black Left-Pointing Triangle◀◀U+25C0
โ—White Left-Pointing Triangle◁◁U+25C1
โ—‚Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle◂◂U+25C2
โ—ƒWhite Left-Pointing Small Triangle◃◃U+25C3
โ—ขBlack Lower Right Triangle◢◢U+25E2
โ—ฃBlack Lower Left Triangle◣◣U+25E3
โ—คBlack Upper Left Triangle◤◤U+25E4
โ—ฅBlack Upper Right Triangle◥◥U+25E5
โ—ฌWhite Up-Pointing Triangle with Dot◬◬U+25EC
โ—ญUp-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black◭◭U+25ED
โ—ฎUp-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black◮◮U+25EE
โ—ธUpper Left Triangle◸◸U+25F8
โ—นUpper Right Triangle◹◹U+25F9
โ—บLower Left Triangle◺◺U+25FA
โ—ฟLower Right Triangle◿◿U+25FF
โ››Heavy White Down-Pointing Triangle⛛⛛U+26DB
โŸWhite Triangle Containing Small White Triangle⟁⟁U+27C1
โงŠTriangle with Dot Above⧊⧊U+29CA
โง‹Triangle with Underbar⧋⧋U+29CB
โงŒS In Triangle⧌⧌U+29CC
โงTriangle with Serifs at Bottom⧍⧍U+29CD
โงŽRight Triangle Above Left Triangle⧎⧎U+29CE
โงLeft Triangle Beside Vertical Bar⧏⧏U+29CF
โงVertical Bar Beside Right Triangle⧐⧐U+29D0
โงจDown-Pointing Triangle with Left Half Black⧨⧨U+29E8
โงฉDown-Pointing Triangle with Right Half Black⧩⧩U+29E9
โจžLarge Left Triangle Operator⨞⨞U+2A1E
โจนPlus Sign In Triangle⨹⨹U+2A39
โจบMinus Sign In Triangle⨺⨺U+2A3A
โจปMultiplication Sign In Triangle⨻⨻U+2A3B
โฏ…Black Medium Up-Pointing Triangle Centred⯅⯅U+2BC5
โฏ†Black Medium Down-Pointing Triangle Centred⯆⯆U+2BC6
โฏ‡Black Medium Left-Pointing Triangle Centred⯇⯇U+2BC7
โฏˆBlack Medium Right-Pointing Triangle Centred⯈⯈U+2BC8
โฏฌLeftwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯬⯬U+2BEC
โฏญUpwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯭⯭U+2BED
โฏฎRightwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯮⯮U+2BEE
โฏฏDownwards Two-Headed Arrow with Triangle Arrowheads⯯⯯U+2BEF
๐…ˆMusical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up White𝅈𝅈U+1D148
๐…‰Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Black𝅉𝅉U+1D149
๐…ŠMusical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left White𝅊𝅊U+1D14A
๐…‹Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Left Black𝅋𝅋U+1D14B
๐…ŒMusical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right White𝅌𝅌U+1D14C
๐…Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Right Black𝅍𝅍U+1D14D
๐…ŽMusical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down White𝅎𝅎U+1D14E
๐…Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Down Black𝅏𝅏U+1D14F
๐…Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right White𝅐𝅐U+1D150
๐…‘Musical Symbol Triangle Notehead Up Right Black𝅑𝅑U+1D151
๐…”Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down White𝅔𝅔U+1D154
๐…•Musical Symbol Triangle-Round Notehead Down Black𝅕𝅕U+1D155
๐Ÿ”บUp-Pointing Red Triangle🔺🔺U+1F53A
๐Ÿ”ปDown-Pointing Red Triangle🔻🔻U+1F53B
๐Ÿ”ผUp-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔼🔼U+1F53C
๐Ÿ”ฝDown-Pointing Small Red Triangle🔽🔽U+1F53D
๐Ÿ›†Triangle with Rounded Corners🛆🛆U+1F6C6
๐Ÿž€Black Left-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞀🞀U+1F780
๐ŸžBlack Up-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞁🞁U+1F781
๐Ÿž‚Black Right-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞂🞂U+1F782
๐ŸžƒBlack Down-Pointing Isosceles Right Triangle🞃🞃U+1F783
๐ŸŸ•Circled Triangle🟕🟕U+1F7D5
๐ŸŸ–Negative Circled Triangle🟖🟖U+1F7D6
๐ŸขLeftwards Triangle Arrowhead🢐🢐U+1F890
๐Ÿข‘Upwards Triangle Arrowhead🢑🢑U+1F891
๐Ÿข’Rightwards Triangle Arrowhead🢒🢒U+1F892
๐Ÿข“Downwards Triangle Arrowhead🢓🢓U+1F893
๐Ÿข”Leftwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢔🢔U+1F894
๐Ÿข•Upwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢕🢕U+1F895
๐Ÿข–Rightwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢖🢖U+1F896
๐Ÿข—Downwards White Arrow Within Triangle Arrowhead🢗🢗U+1F897
โŠฒNormal Subgroup Of⊲⊲U+22B2
โŠณContains as Normal Subgroup⊳⊳U+22B3
โŠดNormal Subgroup of or Equal To⊴⊴U+22B4
โŠตContains as Normal Subgroup or Equal To⊵⊵U+22B5
โ‹ชNot Normal Subgroup Of⋪⋪U+22EA
โ‹ซDoes Not Contain as Normal Subgroup⋫⋫U+22EB
โ‹ฌNot Normal Subgroup of or Equal To⋬⋬U+22EC
โ‹ญDoes Not Contain as Normal Subgroup or Equal⋭⋭U+22ED
ืฏHebrew Yod TriangleׯׯU+05EF
โƒคCombining Enclosing Upward Pointing Triangle⃤⃤U+20E4
โŠฟRight Triangle⊿⊿U+22BF
โŽŠCircled Triangle Down⎊⎊U+238A
โƒDentistry Symbol Light Vertical with Triangle⏃⏃U+23C3
โ„Dentistry Symbol Light Down and Horizontal with Triangle⏄⏄U+23C4
โ…Dentistry Symbol Light Up and Horizontal with Triangle⏅⏅U+23C5
โฉBlack Right-Pointing Double Triangle⏩⏩U+23E9
โชBlack Left-Pointing Double Triangle⏪⏪U+23EA
โซBlack Up-Pointing Double Triangle⏫⏫U+23EB
โฌBlack Down-Pointing Double Triangle⏬⏬U+23EC
โญBlack Right-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏭⏭U+23ED
โฎBlack Left-Pointing Double Triangle with Vertical Bar⏮⏮U+23EE
โฏBlack Right-Pointing Triangle with Double Vertical Bar⏯⏯U+23EF
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