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Asterisk Symbol, Meaning and Unicode

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Symbol Meaning Unicode
Fullwidth Asterisk U+FF0A
Eight Spoked Asterisk U+2733
Small Asterisk U+FE61
Heavy Teardrop-Spoked Pinwheel Asterisk U+2743
Slavonic Asterisk U+A673
🞴 Extremely Heavy Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B4
🞺 Extremely Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BA
🞰 Medium Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B0
Equals With Asterisk U+2A6E
Open Centre Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk U+273C
Asterisk Operator U+2217
🞱 Bold Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B1
🞻 Light Eight Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BB
Four Club-Spoked Asterisk U+2725
🞿 Very Heavy Eight Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BF
🞾 Heavy Eight Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BE
🞸 Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B8
🞽 Bold Eight Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BD
Squared Asterisk U+29C6
🞹 Very Heavy Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B9
🞯 Light Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7AF
͙ Combining Asterisk Below U+0359
𒋬 Cuneiform Sign Ta Asterisk U+122EC
Open Centre Asterisk U+2732
🞵 Light Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B5
🞲 Heavy Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B2
Four Balloon-Spoked Asterisk U+2723
Sixteen Pointed Asterisk U+273A
🞷 Bold Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B7
* Asterisk U+002A
Heavy Four Balloon-Spoked Asterisk U+2724
Four Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk U+2722
Heavy Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk U+274B
🞳 Very Heavy Five Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B3
Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk U+273B
Low Asterisk U+204E
🞼 Medium Eight Spoked Asterisk U+1F7BC
Circled Asterisk Operator U+229B
Eight Teardrop-Spoked Propeller Asterisk U+274A
🞶 Medium Six Spoked Asterisk U+1F7B6
Heavy Asterisk U+2731
Combining Asterisk Above U+20F0
Heavy Teardrop-Spoked Asterisk U+273D
Balloon-Spoked Asterisk U+2749
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