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Dot Symbol

A dot symbol is a collection of text symbols and Unicode character. Click on any dot symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Dot Symbol With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The dot symbol is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the dot symbol along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode.

Dot SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
.Full Stop..U+002E
·Middle Dot··U+00B7
One Dot Leader․․U+2024
Two Dot Leader‥‥U+2025
Horizontal Ellipsis……U+2026
Three Dot Punctuation⁖⁖U+2056
Four Dot Punctuation⁘⁘U+2058
Five Dot Punctuation⁙⁙U+2059
Two Dot Punctuation⁚⁚U+205A
Four Dot Mark⁛⁛U+205B
Dot Plus∔∔U+2214
Bullet Operator∙∙U+2219
Dot Minus∸∸U+2238
Circled Dot Operator⊙⊙U+2299
Squared Dot Operator⊡⊡U+22A1
Dot Operator⋅⋅U+22C5
Less-Than With Dot⋖⋖U+22D6
Greater-Than With Dot⋗⋗U+22D7
Element Of With Dot Above⋵⋵U+22F5
Vertical Line With Middle Dot⍿⍿U+237F
White Circle○○U+25CB
Inverse Bullet◘◘U+25D8
Inverse White Circle◙◙U+25D9
White Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot◬◬U+25EC
White Circle With Dot Right⚆⚆U+2686
Black Circle With White Dot Right⚈⚈U+2688
Or With Dot Inside⟇⟇U+27C7
White Diamond With Centred Dot⟐⟐U+27D0
And With Dot⟑⟑U+27D1
Lower Right Corner With Dot⟓⟓U+27D3
Upper Left Corner With Dot⟔⟔U+27D4
Left Angle Bracket With Dot⦑⦑U+2991
Right Angle Bracket With Dot⦒⦒U+2992
Measured Right Angle With Dot⦝⦝U+299D
Triangle With Dot Above⧊⧊U+29CA
N-Ary Circled Dot Operator⨀⨀U+2A00
N-Ary Union Operator With Dot⨃⨃U+2A03
Plus Sign With Dot Below⨥⨥U+2A25
Minus Sign With Dot Below⨪⨪U+2A2A
Multiplication Sign With Dot Above⨰⨰U+2A30
Intersection With Dot⩀⩀U+2A40
Logical And With Dot Above⩑⩑U+2A51
Logical Or With Dot Above⩒⩒U+2A52
Equals Sign With Dot Below⩦⩦U+2A66
Identical With Dot Above⩧⩧U+2A67
Tilde Operator With Dot Above⩪⩪U+2A6A
Congruent With Dot Above⩭⩭U+2A6D
⩿Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside⩿⩿U+2A7F
Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Inside⪀⪀U+2A80
Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above⪁⪁U+2A81
Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above⪂⪂U+2A82
Less-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Right⪃⪃U+2A83
Greater-Than Or Slanted Equal To With Dot Above Left⪄⪄U+2A84
Slanted Equal To Or Less-Than With Dot Inside⪗⪗U+2A97
Slanted Equal To Or Greater-Than With Dot Inside⪘⪘U+2A98
Subset With Dot⪽⪽U+2ABD
Superset With Dot⪾⪾U+2ABE
Subset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above⫃⫃U+2AC3
Superset Of Or Equal To With Dot Above⫄⫄U+2AC4
Tilde With Dot Above⸞⸞U+2E1E
Tilde With Dot Below⸟⸟U+2E1F
Two Dots Over One Dot Punctuation⸪⸪U+2E2A
One Dot Over Two Dots Punctuation⸫⸫U+2E2B
Squared Four Dot Punctuation⸬⸬U+2E2C
Five Dot Mark⸭⸭U+2E2D