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Invisible Text Symbol Copy and Paste

A invisible symbols is a character used to indicate space between two words. Click on invisible / blank symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want. Get invisible characters with HTML code, hex code, unicode, javascript and java code, and css codes at invisible character.

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Blank Symbol Copy and paste - Invisible text character

The below table is showing invisible characters with their meaning and unicode.

Character Meaning Unicode
į Ž Space U+0020
į Ž  No-Break Space U+00A0
į Ž Mongolian Vowel Separator U+180E
į Ž Hair Space U+200A
į Ž Zero Width Space U+200B
į Žā€Æ Narrow No Break Space U+202F
į ŽāŸ  Medium Mathematical Space U+205F
į Ž  Ideographic Space U+3000
į Ž Zero Width No-Break Space U+FEFF
į Žā € ⠀ braille pattern blank U+2800
į Ž Thin Space U+2009
ā€€į Ž  En Quad U+2000
ā€ į Ž Em Quad U+2001
į Ž En Space U+2002
į Ž Em Space U+2003
ā€„ į Ž Three-Per-Em Space U+2004
ā€… į Ž Four-Per-Em Space U+2005
ā€† į Ž Six-Per-Em Space U+2006
ā€‡į Ž Figure Space U+2007
į Ž Punctuation Space U+2008