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Minus Symbol

A minus symbol is a collection of text symbols including different types of minus symbols like dot minus, circled minus, heavy minus sign, hyphen minus and more. Click on any minus symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Minus Symbol With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The minus symbol is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the minus symbol along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode.

Minus SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
- Hyphen-Minus - &#x002D U+002D
˗ Modifier Letter Minus Sign ˗ &#x02D7 U+02D7
◌̠ Combining Minus Sign Below ̠ &#x0320 U+0320
Commercial Minus Sign ⁒ &#x2052 U+2052
Superscript Minus ⁻ &#x207B U+207B
Subscript Minus ₋ &#x208B U+208B
Minus Sign − &#x2212 U+2212
Set Minus ∖ &#x2216 U+2216
Dot Minus ∸ &#x2238 U+2238
Minus Tilde ≂ &#x2242 U+2242
Circled Minus ⊖ &#x2296 U+2296
Squared Minus ⊟ &#x229F U+229F
Black Diamond Minus White X ❖ &#x2756 U+2756
Heavy Minus Sign ➖ &#x2796 U+2796
Top Arc Clockwise Arrow with Minus ⤼ &#x293C U+293C
Minus Sign with Comma Above ⨩ &#x2A29 U+2A29
Minus Sign with Dot Below ⨪ &#x2A2A U+2A2A
Minus Sign with Falling Dots ⨫ &#x2A2B U+2A2B
Minus Sign with Rising Dots ⨬ &#x2A2C U+2A2C
Minus Sign In Triangle ⨺ &#x2A3A U+2A3A
Union with Minus Sign ⩁ &#x2A41 U+2A41
Similar Minus Similar ⩬ &#x2A6C U+2A6C
Small Hyphen-Minus ﹣ &#xFE63 U+FE63
Fullwidth Hyphen-Minus - &#xFF0D U+FF0D