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Square Symbols

A square text symbol is a collection of text symbols and emoji symbols. Click on any square text symbol to copy and paste anywhere you want.

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Copy And Paste Square Text Symbol With Dec Code, Hex Code & Unicode

The square text symbol is a text symbol that can easily copy and paste into any social media, website, and emails. The following table shows the name and meaning of the square text symbol along with the HTML code (hexadecimal and decimal) and Unicode.

Square Text Symbols (Latin Capital)

Square Text SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
šŸ„°Squared Latin Capital Letter A🄰🄰U+1F130
šŸ„±Squared Latin Capital Letter B🄱🄱U+1F131
šŸ„²Squared Latin Capital Letter C🄲🄲U+1F132
šŸ„³Squared Latin Capital Letter D🄳🄳U+1F133
šŸ„“Squared Latin Capital Letter E🄴🄴U+1F134
šŸ„µSquared Latin Capital Letter F🄵🄵U+1F135
šŸ„¶Squared Latin Capital Letter G🄶🄶U+1F136
šŸ„·Squared Latin Capital Letter H🄷🄷U+1F137
šŸ„øSquared Latin Capital Letter I🄸🄸U+1F138
šŸ„¹Squared Latin Capital Letter J🄹🄹U+1F139
šŸ„ŗSquared Latin Capital Letter K🄺🄺U+1F13A
šŸ„»Squared Latin Capital Letter L🄻🄻U+1F13B
šŸ„¼Squared Latin Capital Letter M🄼🄼U+1F13C
šŸ„½Squared Latin Capital Letter N🄽🄽U+1F13D
šŸ„¾Squared Latin Capital Letter O🄾🄾U+1F13E
šŸ„æSquared Latin Capital Letter P🄿🄿U+1F13F
šŸ…€Squared Latin Capital Letter Q🅀🅀U+1F140
šŸ…Squared Latin Capital Letter R🅁🅁U+1F141
šŸ…‚Squared Latin Capital Letter S🅂🅂U+1F142
šŸ…ƒSquared Latin Capital Letter T🅃🅃U+1F143
šŸ…„Squared Latin Capital Letter U🅄🅄U+1F144
šŸ……Squared Latin Capital Letter V🅅🅅U+1F145
šŸ…†Squared Latin Capital Letter W🅆🅆U+1F146
šŸ…‡Squared Latin Capital Letter X🅇🅇U+1F147
šŸ…ˆSquared Latin Capital Letter Y🅈🅈U+1F148
šŸ…‰Squared Latin Capital Letter Z🅉🅉U+1F149

Square text symbols (Negative Squared Text)

Square Text SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
šŸ…°Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter A🅰🅰U+1F170
šŸ…±Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter B🅱🅱U+1F171
šŸ…²Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter C🅲🅲U+1F172
šŸ…³Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter D🅳🅳U+1F173
šŸ…“Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter E🅴🅴U+1F174
šŸ…µNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter F🅵🅵U+1F175
šŸ…¶Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter G🅶🅶U+1F176
šŸ…·Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter H🅷🅷U+1F177
šŸ…øNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter I🅸🅸U+1F178
šŸ…¹Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter J🅹🅹U+1F179
šŸ…ŗNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter K🅺🅺U+1F17A
šŸ…»Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter L🅻🅻U+1F17B
šŸ…¼Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter M🅼🅼U+1F17C
šŸ…½Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter N🅽🅽U+1F17D
šŸ…æNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter P🅿🅿U+1F17F
šŸ…¾Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter O🅾🅾U+1F17E
šŸ†€Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter Q🆀🆀U+1F180
šŸ†Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter R🆁🆁U+1F181
šŸ†‚Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter S🆂🆂U+1F182
šŸ†ƒNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter T🆃🆃U+1F183
šŸ†„Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter U🆄🆄U+1F184
šŸ†…Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter V🆅🆅U+1F185
šŸ††Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter W🆆🆆U+1F186
šŸ†‡Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter X🆇🆇U+1F187
šŸ†ˆNegative Squared Latin Capital Letter Y🆈🆈U+1F188
šŸ†‰Negative Squared Latin Capital Letter Z🆉🆉U+1F189

Square symbols

Square Text SymbolSymbol NameDec CodeHex CodeUnicode
ā– Black Square■■U+25A0
ā–”White Square□□U+25A1
ā–¢White Square With Rounded Corners▢▢U+25A2
ā–£White Square Containing Black Small Square▣▣U+25A3
ā–¤Square With Horizontal Fill▤▤U+25A4
ā–„Square With Vertical Fill▥▥U+25A5
ā–¦Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill▦▦U+25A6
ā–§Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill▧▧U+25A7
ā–ØSquare With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill▨▨U+25A8
ā–©Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill▩▩U+25A9
ā–ŖBlack Small Square▪▪U+25AA
ā–«White Small Square▫▫U+25AB
ā—§Square With Left Half Black◧◧U+25E7
ā—ØSquare With Right Half Black◨◨U+25E8
ā—©Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black◩◩U+25E9
ā—ŖSquare With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black◪◪U+25EA
ā›‹White Diamond In Square⛋⛋U+26CB
ā›žFalling Diagonal In White Circle In Black Square⛞⛞U+26DE
ā›¶Square Four Corners⛶⛶U+26F6
ā›¾Cup On Black Square⛾⛾U+26FE
āLower Right Drop-Shadowed White Square❏❏U+274F
āUpper Right Drop-Shadowed White Square❐❐U+2750
ā‘Lower Right Shadowed White Square❑❑U+2751
ā’Upper Right Shadowed White Square❒❒U+2752
āŸ¤White Square With Leftwards Tick⟤⟤U+27E4
āŸ„White Square With Rightwards Tick⟥⟥U+27E5
ā¦œRight Angle Variant With Square⦜⦜U+299C
ā§ˆSquared Square⧈⧈U+29C8
ā§ Square With Contoured Outline⧠⧠U+29E0
ā—«White Square With Vertical Bisecting Line◫◫U+25EB
šŸ”²Black Square Button🔲🔲U+1F532
šŸ”³White Square Button🔳🔳U+1F533
ā¹Black Square For Stop⏹⏹U+23F9
āƀBlack Square Centred⯀⯀U+2BC0
āƐSquare Position Indicator⯐⯐U+2BD0
šŸ™ØHollow Quilt Square Ornament🙨🙨U+1F668
šŸ™©Hollow Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square🙩🙩U+1F669
šŸ™ŖSolid Quilt Square Ornament🙪🙪U+1F66A
šŸ™«Solid Quilt Square Ornament In Black Square🙫🙫U+1F66B
[Left Square Bracket[[U+005B
]Right Square Bracket]]U+005D
āŠ“Square Cap⊓⊓U+2293
āŠ”Square Cup⊔⊔U+2294
āŒ‘Square Lozenge⌑⌑U+2311
āŒ—Viewdata Square⌗⌗U+2317
āŽ…White Square With Centre Vertical Line⎅⎅U+2385
āŽ“Top Square Bracket⎴⎴U+23B4
āŽµBottom Square Bracket⎵⎵U+23B5
āŽ¶Bottom Square Bracket Over Top Square Bracket⎶⎶U+23B6
āSquare Foot⏍⏍U+23CD
ā—°White Square With Upper Left Quadrant◰◰U+25F0
ā—±White Square With Lower Left Quadrant◱◱U+25F1
ā—²White Square With Lower Right Quadrant◲◲U+25F2
ā—³White Square With Upper Right Quadrant◳◳U+25F3
ā—»White Medium Square◻◻U+25FB
ā—¼Black Medium Square◼◼U+25FC
ā—½White Medium Small Square◽◽U+25FD
ā—¾Black Medium Small Square◾◾U+25FE
ā§®Error-Barred White Square⧮⧮U+29EE
ā§ÆError-Barred Black Square⧯⧯U+29EF
ā©ŽDouble Square Intersection⩎⩎U+2A4E
ā©Double Square Union⩏⩏U+2A4F
ā«Square Left Open Box Operator⫍⫍U+2ACD
ā«ŽSquare Right Open Box Operator⫎⫎U+2ACE
ā¬’Square With Top Half Black⬒⬒U+2B12
ā¬“Square With Bottom Half Black⬓⬓U+2B13
ā¬”Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half Black⬔⬔U+2B14
ā¬•Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half Black⬕⬕U+2B15
ā¬šDotted Square⬚⬚U+2B1A
ā¬›Black Large Square⬛⬛U+2B1B
ā¬œWhite Large Square⬜⬜U+2B1C
ā¬Black Very Small Square⬝⬝U+2B1D
ā¬žWhite Very Small Square⬞⬞U+2B1E
āø‹Raised Square⸋⸋U+2E0B
扈Circled Number Ten On Black Square㉈㉈U+3248
扉Circled Number Twenty On Black Square㉉㉉U+3249
扊Circled Number Thirty On Black Square㉊㉊U+324A
手Circled Number Forty On Black Square㉋㉋U+324B
扌Circled Number Fifty On Black Square㉌㉌U+324C
才Circled Number Sixty On Black Square㉍㉍U+324D
扎Circled Number Seventy On Black Square㉎㉎U+324E
扏Circled Number Eighty On Black Square㉏㉏U+324F
ļæ­Halfwidth Black Square■■U+FFED
š…†Musical Symbol Square Notehead White𝅆𝅆U+1D146
š…‡Musical Symbol Square Notehead Black𝅇𝅇U+1D147
šŸžŒBlack Tiny Square🞌🞌U+1F78C
šŸžBlack Slightly Small Square🞍🞍U+1F78D
šŸž‘Heavy White Square🞑🞑U+1F791
šŸž’Very Heavy White Square🞒🞒U+1F792
šŸž“Extremely Heavy White Square🞓🞓U+1F793
šŸž”White Square Containing Black Very Small Square🞔🞔U+1F794
šŸž•White Square Containing Black Medium Square🞕🞕U+1F795
šŸž–Square Target🞖🞖U+1F796